Thomas Nicoletti

Special Advisor to the Chairman

Thomas E. Nicoletti retired as a Federal Bureau of Investigation Supervisory Special Agent after 25 years of exceptional service.Nicoletti’s professional Law Enforcement career launched after serving for over 5 years as a United States Marine Corps Captain in the elite Force Reconnaissance Companies. Following a SE Asia tour, Tom conducted and later planned Unconventional and Counter-Terrorist Operations world-wide as a member of both US and Allied Special Operations task forces.

Appointed as a United States Secret Service Special Agent, Nicoletti participated in hundreds of Head of State Protective Operations, served on the Vice-Presidential Protective detail, and was an original member of the New York Division Counter Assault Team.

Recruited to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Tom’s Investigative and Managerial expertise developed within the secretive Counter-Terrorist Division; culminating in his appointment as the Supervisor’s of both the storied New York Joint Terrorism Task Force and the elite undercover Special Operations Group.

In addition to his numerous Investigative accomplishments and formal recognition for continuous exceptional performance, Nicoletti was nominated as the Team Leader of the Washington, DC based SWAT Team, the youngest Special Agent to serve in this position. Based upon his operational performance and unprecedented training experience, Tom was appointed as the original Assault Team Leader of the FBI’s storied Hostage Rescue Team (HRT).

Nicoletti then entered the International Counter-Terrorist arena, operating throughout the Middle east and Southeast Asia conducting sensitive Intelligence and Counter-Terrorist operations. After 25 years of FBI service, Tom spent two years as a Supervisor developing the operational tactics and training within the fledgling Federal Air Marshal Service.

After retiring from active Federal service, Nicoletti then spent 4 years as a Security Contractor to several US Government agencies, operating in both Iraq and Afghanistan.Two of his most rewarding experiences were supervising the training and development of President Karzai’s Afghan Presidential Protective Service, and the training and mentoring of the Iraqi SWAT and national Emergency Response Units.