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When your safety, financial security, and peace of mind are at stake, trust Beau Dietl & Associates as your proven investigative partner.

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We understand the need to adapt and change as challenges evolve. Our investigations utilize advances in data and technology while also collecting actionable intelligence through human sources and analysis. Our teams utilize qualitative and quantitative approaches, making our boutique investigative services best in class.

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Suspicious Death Investigations, Complex Criminal Defense, Victims Services Investigations, Law Enforcement Liaison Services and also Surveillance & Counter Surveillance engagements surrounding matters of Infidelity and Custody.
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Real Estate

We provide clients with a comprehensive suite of risk mitigation & intelligence solutions including: security services, due diligence, litigation support, internal investigations & more.
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Due Diligence

We equip our clients with accurate and verifiable information to make that merger, acquisition, key hire or large investment vetting process easier. Our corporate due diligence services deliver results to help our clients make confident…
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Litigation Support

Whether you are the plaintiff or defendant, we apply our cross-industry experience to find evidence to support your case. We sign affidavits to attest to the veracity of our findings while your communications… with us…
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For decades, Beau Dietl & Associates has been trusted to investigate allegations of bribery, embezzlement, forgery, kickbacks, misappropriation of funds and money laundering.
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By providing thorough and professional insurance investigations, Beau Dietl & Associates aims to empower corporate clients and insurers with the information and evidence needed to make informed… decisions about claims, prevent fraud, and ensure compliance…
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Background Checks

When hiring employees, bringing on a new partner, or dealing with other organizations, both your assets & your reputation are at stake. Verify trustworthiness.
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Asset Searches

Even if you win a judgment in a lawsuit or criminal case, it may be difficult to collect. Similarly, someone who embezzled money from a company may attempt to hide assets to prevent recovery. In…
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