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Private Investigator in NYC

Beau Dietl & Associates (BDA) is a private investigation company founded by Richard “Bo” Dietl, one of the most highly decorated Detectives in NYPD history. For more than 30 years, our private detectives has provided security services, consulting services and investigative expertise to private and public clients throughout the United States. We have private investigators in NYC plus offices across the US and abroad.

Our staff is comprised of experienced former senior law enforcement and military officers, security and investigations professionals whose experience is second to none. Utilizing an “all-hazards” approach, we are highly skilled at understanding each client’s unique investigative and security needs and providing customized solutions, including hand-selected personnel and state-of-the-art countermeasures, to effectively and efficiently mitigate risk providing safe, secure and welcoming environments. Additionally, our team of highly-trained analysts can perform in-depth due diligence for any situation and are currently supporting Fortune 100 companies, major financial institutions and top law firms around the globe.

How to Hire a Private Investigator

A private investigator in NYC should be selected carefully and allow you to ask as many questions and concerns that you may have. The first, and most important factor is that you are speaking with an experienced New York City private investigator. You must also consider your particular requirements with the help of an expert to ensure that he or she specializes in the area of private investigation services that you need.

At Beau Dietl & Associates we encourage you to do your due diligence on every company, including us. Don’t hesitate to each out with any questions about our investigation services, practices or past results.

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