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Mr. Dietl is adding a new dimension to his fight on crime — 1 Tough Cop™ personal GPS tracking devices that can keep those you care for out of harm’s way.

With more than 700,000 children reported missing each year, 60{3a23575b6a3062de68bd973a4ccf7a4dd45218a6cdbd7ba928fdf4fbf0c22b1a} of adults with Alzheimer’s wandering away from home, 37{3a23575b6a3062de68bd973a4ccf7a4dd45218a6cdbd7ba928fdf4fbf0c22b1a} of male drivers involved in fatal crashes speeding at the time of their accidents, Dietl sees a real need for keeping “an eye” on loved ones. Personal GPS tracking devices offer anywhere, anytime protection.

Throughout his career, Dietl was witness to more than his share of family tragedies and probed hundreds of gruesome crimes.  Now, he’s advising individuals to protect themselves with low profile personal GPS tracking devices that are inconspicuous and true lifesavers. After thoroughly researching dozens of available solutions, he found what he felt was the premier product, a reliable, easy-to-manage solution that offers two-way interactivity—and he has lent his “name” to it:  1 Tough Cop™.

Having faced and fought criminals for decades, Dietl is an ardent proponent of personal GPS tracking devices and he gives 1 Tough Cop™ high marks for reliability in personal, business and asset tracking.

“With today’s technology, we each have the ability to remain safe and discoverable any hour of the day.” – Bo Dietl,

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