The front lines of the cyber security battle have moved away from the perimeter and onto the endpoint. End user desktops and laptops are being utilized by hackers as an easy entryway into a corporation’s network where they can access the most sensitive customer and company data.

One of the most prevalent advanced security threats is keylogging malware, which records every keystroke made on a PC or mobile device, then sends the information back to the hacker. It is used to obtain sensitive information such as logins, passwords, credit cards, social security numbers, private company information and more. Keylogging has been implicated in some of the most high profile corporate attacks of the year including some of the big name retailers and banks.

BDA’s cyber division, Advanced Cyber Security, offers unique solutions such as EndpointLock to work on all desktops and mobile devices and encrypts everything you type. Equipped with the ultimate in Next Generation desktop protection technology, ACS EndpointLock adds keystroke encryption to an organization’s current endpoint security protocol. The keystroke encryption feature encrypts every keystroke at the point of origin and sends it to the browser or application via a patented out of band channel, a path that is invisible to keyloggers. The anti-screen scraping features prevents malware from taking screen shots of a user’s desktop, and Kernel Compromise Warning feature monitors the operating system kernel and alerts the administrator of a compromise. ACS also offers Multi Out-of-Band Authentication with patented, true out-of-band authentications. To read more about these products, visit