Large Asset Management Firm

The Challenge

  • Top hedge and asset management firm, with offices in NYC and Florida
  • BDA has engaged with this firm since 2017, conducting background investigations for essential employees
  • BDA is expanding its work product for this firm and interacting with their asset team on transactional due diligence
  • Client requires rapid turnaround of reports
  • Assisting with on-boarding of U.K. hires poses a challenge due to foreign stringent legal requirements
  • Enhanced due diligence requires intensive record reviews

The Solution

  • Stringent client deadlines requires a complete strategic team approach
  • Development of key overseas intelligence resources integral to case success.
  • Expansion of subject matter experts allowing for better understanding of case subjects

The Result

Developed relationships with key stakeholders, Expected substantial increase in cases pipeline, Penetration into the new markets.

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