You can't have a better friend than Bo Dietl. He is loyal, energetic and smart. He gets things done promptly and effectively. In addition he's a lot of fun.

I have known Bo Dietl professionally and personally for many years. When I owned the General Motors Building on Fifth Avenue, his company provided us with security. They did...

Sumner Redstone
Sumner Redstone

Beau Diet is not only a good friend but his agency has time and again proven to be one of the most professional and reputable in the field.

Bo and his top-notch team worked on an important project for my family recently, and the entire process was conducted with the utmost integrity, insight, and speed.

I have known Bo Dietl both personally and professionally for many years. He does excellent work and personally is a man I trust.

I can confidently say that there are few people I trust as much as I trust Bo. He has always been respectful of my privacy and he is the consummate professional...

...industry experts with extensive investigative and management experience... honest, reliable and perform with the highest level of integrity.

I have known Beau Dietl for many years. As an executive I have used his firm's services with terrific results. Beau and his firm are professional, hands on and discreet.

I have been very satisfied with the professional nature and results of the services performed, and highly recommend BD&A in the arena which they excel.

Gregory O’Connell
Gregory O’Connell

I have known and worked with Beau Dietl and his team for almost 20 years. His firm has provided excellent investigative assistance to our law firm on numerous matters over the years.