Insurance Services


Claims Investigations: BDA is capable of working closely with claim professionals and can assist in suggesting the proper investigative approach to many claim issues. Investigative direction will be agreed to jointly. Our action plans are designed to obtain favorable claim results through meticulous investigation.

Surveillance: BDA offers surveillance on a nationwide basis; however, we are not merely a surveillance company. Experience has shown us that surveillance is a tool that must be used at the right time. All too often surveillance is viewed as the “cure all” for each and every claim. We respect the use of surveillance, but we know that proper deployment of investigative resources is crucial to the success of the investigation. We advocate the use of activity checks prior to assigning any surveillance. The success of surveillance depends largely on being armed with accurate facts. We strive to learn the facts without incurring unnecessary expense.

Activity Checks: We perform activity checks in ways designed to obtain results and minimize cost. At times, results can be obtained thorough diligent telephone work, while at other times, field activity checks are necessary. BDA utilizes the most effective way to meet your objectives. We recommend an activity check be completed prior to assigning any surveillance. Experience has taught us that claimant information is sometimes inaccurate. Inaccurate information can be costly, both to the success of the investigation and also to the bottom line.

Background Investigations: When necessary and pertinent, BDA can probe into a subject’s past employment records (time/lost wages), civil litigation records, property holdings, hospital records, prior reported injuries and financial records (with executed releases).

Additional Services

  • Witness Locates
  • Accident Scene Investigations
  • Photographs/Diagrams
  • Subrogation
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Subpoena Services

One of the cornerstones of Beau Dietl & Associates is our track record of providing investigative excellence when it comes to insurance investigations. Our investigative services have helped thousands of adjusters and defense attorneys to gather the information pertinent to make educated and responsible claims decisions. What differentiates our company from others in the investigative arena is in one word – experience. Our goal is to provide insurance professionals with the information they need to make qualified claim decisions. Prompt turnaround, quality investigations and continuing communication make Beau Dietl & Associate the benchmark for excellence in insurance investigations.

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