You have worked too hard to build up your business to allow an illegitimate associate, dishonest employees, or corruption within your organization to destabilize everything that you have achieved. At Beau Dietl & Associates, we want to help you prevent that from happening with our corporate investigation services. The investigative services that we offer may be useful to you in preventing wrongdoing by your employees or the third parties with which you do business. If you already have reason to suspect unlawful activity, our professionals can legally obtain the evidence that you need to support your case in court. The type of investigative services you require depends on your individual situation. Nevertheless, when you work with us, you can rest assured that all our corporate investigations take place with discretion and within the scope of the law.

Asset Searches

Even if you win a judgment in a lawsuit or criminal case, it may be difficult to collect. Similarly, someone who embezzles money from your company may attempt to hide the assets so that you cannot recover them. In either case, our asset search investigators have experience in asset searches to help you recover the money that is rightfully yours.

asset searches

Background Checks

When it comes to hiring new employees, bringing on a new partner, or dealing with other organizations, it is not only your business assets but your reputation that is at stake. It is necessary to verify that the individual or organization is trustworthy. For your convenience, we offer both an extensive background check or a quick simple background check for those who require immediate results.

background checks

Employment Screening

The time to find out everything you can about a new employee is before hiring them, not after. Our pre-employment screening process involves extensive measures to identify any red flags that could prove disruptive or potentially threatening.

employment screening


Occasionally, an employee or customer may try to take advantage of you by filing a fraudulent insurance claim against your company. This can do reputation damages, and we will work to verify any bodily injury claims, workers’ compensation cases, etc.

insurance investigation

Corporate Due Diligence

Making decisions about business arrangements, investments, or transactions can be difficult. The more information you have, the easier the decision-making process can be and the more confident you can feel about your decision. At Beau Dietl & Associates, we consider corporate due diligence one of our specialties and invite you to refer to the thorough list of services we offer.

corporate due diligence

Ethics and Compliance Reporting

You want to foster a relationship of trust and respect among your workforce, but as society becomes more aware of and sensitive to harassment and discrimination, employees are filing complaints more than ever before. By outsourcing the management and investigation of ethics complaints, you relieve the strain on your Human Resources department and provide peace of mind for your workforce.

ethics and compliance reporting

Surveillance & Counter Surveillance

The investigation services already discussed may include an element of surveillance. Counter surveillance helps to protect you, your employees, and your business assets from surveillance by an outside party with sinister intentions.

surveillance and counter surveillance

Forensic Document Examination

We can help you verify the authenticity of documents, such as deeds, wills, insurance policies, and contracts, that are often disputed. Our forensic document services include identifying handwriting and detecting forgeries.

forensic document examination

Financial Fraud

Examples of financial fraud we investigate include bribery, embezzlement, forgery, kickbacks, misappropriation of funds and money laundering. We take a comprehensive approach to forensic accounting to help you discover how the fraud was perpetrated and advise you on preventing reoccurrence.

financial fraud investigation

Litigation Support

Whether you are the plaintiff or defendant, we can apply our cross-industry experience and litigation support to find the evidence you need to support your case. We will sign affidavits to attest to the veracity of our findings while your communications with us remain confidential.

litigation support

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