Client Challenge

BDA was retained by a specialized software tech firm in the automotive industry. Our Client had a major contract saving a large auto Manufacturer millions.  Unexpectedly, the Manufacturer terminated our client’s contract claiming they designed their own software and no longer needed to license our Client’s patented product. Our Client suspected that the Manufacturer had stolen their intellectual property and appropriated their code.


The manufacturer is a behemoth in the automotive industry with limitless legal resources. Our client hired us to investigate and find evidence useful to an intellectual property suit.

BDA’s investigative researchers compiled a list of the Manufacturer’s engineers cross-referencing which personnel worked on the development of the new software and also worked with our Client’s software in the past.

BDA also identified several third-parties employed by subcontractors of the Manufacturer in developing their own software. BDA dispatched teams of experienced field-investigators, including former NYPD detectives and FBI Special Agents, across the country to locate and interview these professionals.


BDA investigators obtained statements from these third-party contractors. These statements detailed how the same developers who worked with our Client’s code under the Manufacturer were later involved in the development of the Manufacturer’s new software.

These statements and the lists of engineers who worked on both projects provided valuable evidence to support our Client’s claim that the Manufacturer infringed on their intellectual property rights.

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