Client Challenge

BDA was tasked by one of the world’s largest law firms with completing a due diligence review of a management team of a cutting-edge tech startup that was being acquired by a publicly traded firm in a multibillion-dollar deal.


In this case we needed to compile extremely detailed and comprehensive reports on each management team member with an emphasis on anything that could pose a due diligence concern – IP issues, litigation, accusations, rumors, negative references, conflicts of interest, etc. 

We noted that one principal maintained an extremely low-profile with almost no media mentions for someone with a 30+ year career in a public facing industry. This subject lived in a jurisdiction with increased privacy laws which limited what kind of records we could access without a release.


Relying only on advanced open-source intelligence and some of our key partnerships abroad, we were able to trace the principal’s likely relationship (both personal and professional) to one of Japan’s largest suppliers of items related to the subject industry. 

We were able to prove the connection entirely via public and semi-public information so it was able to be easily disclosed without confidential sources.

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Michael Ruggiero
COO & President

Carlo Catuogno
Senior Vice President