Nicholas M. DiGaudio

Nicholas DiGaudio is a twenty-seven-year veteran of the NYPD having retired in June 2020. He served as a criminal investigator for twenty-three years. He obtained the highest detective rank in the NYPD, First Grade Detective which is obtained by only five percent of NYPD’s five thousand detectives. The rank signifies the accrual of an advanced investigative skill set and advanced investigative accomplishments. Nicholas DiGaudio has conducted thousands of investigations throughout New York City, nationwide and abroad. Nicholas DiGaudio has led many complex investigations that include sex crime, homicide, burglary, robbery, assault, narcotics and vice investigations.

Nicholas DiGaudio has worked as a part of hundreds of investigative teams, he has worked undercover, dignitary protection and surveillance. He has undergone extensive investigative training. He has mentored and trained new detectives, and was a highly decorated detective who received twenty-seven medals for heroic police work.

Nicholas DiGaudio has advanced expertise in sexual assault investigations. He has conducted over a thousand rape, child abuse, DNA and cold case investigations. He has expertise in complex investigations, the neurobiology of trauma, trauma informed questioning, drug facilitated sexual assault, interviewing victims and suspects, DNA, analytical data mining, search warrants and testifying. He has the distinction of investigating several hundred stranger rape investigations, such investigations are equivalent in investigative effort to stranger homicide investigations. Nicholas DiGaudio’s investigations required him to work with police agencies throughout the world.

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