10-05-2009 Bo Dietl ‘One Honorable Cop Retired’, FOX NEWS
FOXNEWS: Bo Dietl: `One Honorable Cop – Retired`2014_11_24-11_34_26

NEW YORK, N.Y. — In the 1998
film “One Tough Cop,” actor
Stephen Baldwin plays a New York
City detective who runs afoul of
Internal Affairs for fraternizing
with criminals he’s known since he
was a kid.
That movie was based on real life
retired detective Bo Dietl, a private
eye and a frequent guest on “Cops
and Cases,” FOXNews.com’s live
streaming Strategy Room session
covering crime (11 a.m. ET, M-F).
As far as life imitating art goes,
for Dietl, it’s deja vu all over