Bo Dietl: Solution to the Gulf Oil Leak
On this morning’s Imus in the Morning program, Bo Dietl talked about a real solution to the oil spill crisis. The facts are that the leak is over 5,000 feet below the sea’s surface. However, the actual leak is coming from the rock bed that is several hundred feet below that to the shale rock. If we had two oil rig ships begin drilling holes on each side of the leak, a couple of hundred feet further on each side, place explosives and set them off, the bedrock would then cover the oil leak. This would eliminate the problem of having to wait until August to resolve this crisis.
In my opinion, we should have at least three super-tankers gathering and vacuuming up the oil/water that already exists in the gulf. Then the process of separating the existing oil/water could be done at local oil refineries in the gulf area. After researching this further, I discovered that is a commonly used practice in the middle east in dealing with oil spills. After my appearance this morning, I received several emails from listeners who are in the oil industry who support my theory on how to deal with the oil spill in the Gulf and prevent further damage to our environment.
-Bo Dietl