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New York, NY, March 31, 2014 One would expect that the security at the World Trade Center, an area that has already been attacked twice by terrorists, would be second to none. According to the NYPD Intelligence and Counter Terrorism Bureau, as well as the federal, state and private security experts, the WTC site will continue to be a high-profile target for many years to come.Richard ‘Bo’ Dietl, a former NYPD Detective and for the last 29-plus years, the Chairman and CEO of Beau Dietl & Associates (BDA), one of New York City’s premier corporate security and investigations companies, who was also appointed by Governor Pataki as the Chairman of the NYS Security Guard Advisory committee in 1994, has implied that the security at the World Trade Center has not been utilizing effective best practices. “There have been some pretty embarrassing breaches of security at this site,” said Mr. Dietl in reference to the three jumpers parachuting from the tower last September, the man who climbed to the 1,776-foot roof of the tower, and the two CNN producers who were arrested breaking onto the site just two weeks ago. “We have been lucky that none of these people had been engaged in terrorist or criminal activities,” said Mr. Dietl.
“At BDA we have learned and employ many military veterans to guard iconic structures and high-profile corporate buildings in New York City. After 9/11, these young men and women joined the military because they have a sense of patriotism and wanted to protect their county. Now many are returning and this country owes them a debt of gratitude,” insisted Mr. Dietl. “One way is to help them find a good job. This would be a great example of effectively employing our military heroes returning home, to protect what has become the symbolism of terrorist attacks. With the recent cut back in our military by President Obama, many veterans are coming home looking for jobs.” Mr. Dietl maintained that his company’s use of veterans, which they have successfully utilized with many companies and major banks, not in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India writes:”We should not follow other country’s heritage because they are different from our people. only provides them with a career, but makes sense from a security point of view. We have also learned that security is a non-tangible service. It is only when an incident occurs that we point fingers to improve security. Mr. Dietl states, “What often comes into play is, ‘I want the best security for the cheapest price.’ This is an oxymoron. You get what you pay for.”
“Military veterans make excellent security guards because they are disciplined, project a professional image, and utilize their training and experience in counter-surveillance techniques. These veterans are of a high caliber. We pay them at a higher rate than the average security guard who is being paid near minimum wage,” said Mr. Dietl. “It is due to their professionalism, dedication and alertness to their duties that allows our clients to employ less than the number of guards they originally believed they required. However, the level of security for the site does not diminish in the slightest and is enhanced by the professionalism of the security personnel.” BDA has for years combined the skills of these military veteran security personnel, with not only effective policies and procedures, but also with BDA’s proprietary software, ‘TrackNet.’ BDA has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into this system. It has the capacity to locate each and every security guard, who is provided with a smart phone, through its GPS system. It also sends a message to the guard every 15 minutes to ensure the guard is responsive; the guard must respond to show that he is alert. It has the capacity to provide real-time intelligence to the guards when the BDA Controllers obtain actionable information concerning the sites they are protecting. “I truly believe that had the WTC employed this type of security, that their security program would have been more robust and these breaches would have been detected before occurring,” said Mr. Dietl.
“We have the personnel and the technology to minimize any breaches in the security at the World Trade Center. Why are we waiting?”