The apartment was being paid for by jeweler-to-the-stars Jeffrey Rackover, who’s friends with Donald Trump and helped him pick out an engagement ring for wife Melania. It’s unclear what the relationship is between Jeffrey and James.

“We have no proof that [the suspect] is in fact related to that person at all,” Chief of Police Robert Boyce said Thursday. “They are known to each other, of course.”James Rackover isn’t related to the jeweler, according to private detective Bo Dietl, who says he’s known Jeffrey Rackover for over 30 years.He said Jeffrey never had children, but met James about three-and-a-half years ago at a health club and treated him like his own son. “The kid legally changed his name to Rackover,” Dietl said. “He let him do that because he cared about this kid so much. He was the son that Jeffrey never had.”