The Demise of Bernard Kerick
The Demise of Bernard Kerik – November 5th, 2009
With the latest trials and tribulations surrounding Bernie Kerik and the circumstances that ultimately led to his demise, very few people know the underlying reason why. It comes down to one question: where have Rudy Giuliani and all of his other friends been? Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani has been staying under the radar when it comes to helping his former driver and long time friend – not to mention godfather to his child. When Rudy Giuliani began running for Mayor, he promised Bernie Kerik that he would make him the Police Commissioner, as many witnesses can attest to. Upon being elected Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani then appointed Bernard Kerik as Commissioner of Corrections, even though in the eyes of many he did not possess the right qualifications to hold this post. After a short stint as Commissioner of Corrections, he was named 40th Police Commissioner of the New York City Police Department. This appointment was frowned upon by many who felt that there were other suitable candidates that could have come from within the ranks of the Police Department who had risen through both promotional exams and appointment to higher ranks such as Chief as opposed to Bernie Kerik who was looked on as only having been a Detective with no real qualifications to lead the NYPD. After September 11th, Mayor Giuliani was gallantly walking around Ground Zero with President Bush and Bernie Kerik.
A short time after leaving the Mayoral office, Rudy Giuliani expressed his support for Bernie becoming the next Secretary of Homeland Security. This is when Bernie Kerik’s life began to unravel. All of the allegations of wrong doing that were made during his tenure as Corrections Commissioner and Police Commissioner came to light under the scrutiny that being nominated for such a prestigious position would reveal. All of this was happening while Rudy Giuliani was exploring his potential for running for President of the United States.
No one including Rudy or anyone else, has stepped forward to lend the slightest support to help Bernie. Regardless of the allegations this man worked for Rudy Giuliani during some of the most difficult times this city and country faced. Federal Judge Stephen Robinson revoked Kerik’s bail and he is currently incarcerated at a correctional facility similar to one in which he used to run. It is despicable that a man who once led this city after the biggest tragedy in history is now sitting behind bars with murders, rapists and other criminals. He is not a flight risk and poses no danger to society. If he is found guilty of the allegations, he should be convicted and punished accordingly if and when that time comes. Unfortunately people who were considered his friends and colleagues have already decided their own aspirations are more important than standing up for Bernie Kerik who is accused of wrong doing.
Bernie is being held in isolation wing of the Westchester County Jail after his behavior raised red flags with the psychiatric director. He is a broken man, abandoned by those who he considered to be his true friends. In all this I ask “Where is Rudy Giuliani”?