An unfortunate truth about life is that someone people aren’t honest or forthright. Hiring a private investigator or private detective can help you to level the playing field. You may be surprised by what an investigator can do for you. Did you know a PI could help you with everything from finding a missing person to identifying an online fraudster? Whatever investigative need you have, Beau Dietl & Associates can help you with it.

If you want to hire a PI but aren’t sure where to start, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Most people have never hired a private investigator. Fortunately, Beau Dietl & Associates is here to take the stress out of working with a PI. As one of the top private investigators in NYC and around the globe, when you work with us you can be sure your case is being worked by a seasoned and capable professional. Below are some of our most common investigative services.


In both business and personal life, knowing what is happening when you aren’t around can be very valuable. For example, you may want to determine if a spouse is cheating or if an insurance claim is legitimate. Hiring a private investigator to conduct surveillance can help you make better-informed decisions about how to proceed.


Catfish Victims

Online imposters trick people every day in a scheme known as ‘catfishing.’ These perpetrators start intimate relationships by using fraudulent identities with the goal of extorting or defrauding victims for money. A private investigator can help you protect yourself and your assets if you believe you may be a victim of catfishing.

catfish victim

DNA Test Results

DNA and family history research can reveal all manner of helpful and interesting information. Learn where your ancestors were from and more about their lives. We can find everything from accounts by friends of your ancestors to military and educational history to financial information to help you get a better picture of your heritage.

DNA testing

Find a Person

Whether a missing person, a long-lost relative or friend, an old colleague or another type of connection, you may want to find someone you don’t currently have contact with. Beau Dietl & Associates can help investigate and locate a missing person. We are highly regarded thanks to our team’s unique experience and toolset.

missing person investigation

Online Dating Investigations

Online dating has become a staple of modern social life for many people. Unfortunately, not every connection on these websites and apps is totally upfront about his or her intentions. Protect yourself against scams, theft, abuse and violence with an impartial and thorough an online dating investigation by Beau Dietl & Associates.

online dating investigation

Forensic Document Examination

Documents play central roles in our legal, professional and personal lives. For as long as people have written things down, there has been a need to verify the authenticity and accuracy of documents. A private investigator can expose forgery, reveal alterations, identify the creator and more to equip you with in-depth document insights.

forensic document examination

Tenant Screenings

Renting out residential or commercial property is one of the most reliable and lucrative ways to build wealth. However, there is a significant risk associated with renting to the wrong person or organization. Our private detectives can help you screen prospective tenants for criminal or civil records, income, employment and other details that will help you decide whether to rent.

tenant screening

Background Checks

When you enter into an agreement with someone, you want to know whether they are telling the truth. Before hiring someone, forming a partnership or otherwise associating your business with someone, conduct a background check. A private investigator can help you determine whether the individual has a criminal record, notable financial vulnerabilities or other risk factors that may give you pause.

background checks

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