Asset Searches

Our experience, unique resources, and expertise provide a critical edge when searching for a target’s assets.

Our investigators have successfully identified assets across the globe, helping our clients recover millions of dollars owed from litigation or criminal actions. Our investigators include former bank and fraud examiners, accountants, detectives, and journalists who have followed money trails in a range of disciplines. Our capabilities include:

  • We have identified hidden bank and brokerage accounts held by subjects attempting to conceal their wealth.  These accounts often hide a person’s most important and liquid assets.  Similarly, we’ve also been to determine income sources for individuals attempting to obscure their earnings.
  • We’ve also successfully uncovered financial transactions showing large transfers of money, thereby finding new accounts used to conceal wealth or assets from their rightful owners or creditors.
  • We’ve conducted searches on thousands of subjects and identified the location of valuable real estate, property, motor vehicles, boats, and airplanes.
  • BDA has deep experience working alongside attorneys to coordinate a client’s legal and investigative objectives, which often facilitates subpoenas for financial records or other pertinent information.
  • Our investigators also have supplementary capabilities that can make a critical difference.  Our surveillance operatives can be deployed to physically track a subject’s movements, identify new assets in use, and monitor a subject’s activities that expose hidden monies or wealth.
  • Our investigators are also trained to review financial reports and public documents, make discreet inquiries, and conduct appropriate interviews.

These asset searches have successfully helped our clients in the following efforts:

  • Collection of Judgments and Awards
  • Matrimonial Disputes
  • Embezzlement cases
  • Bankruptcy Proceedings
  • Subrogation of Claims
  • Objections to Trusts and Estates

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