“Trust, but verify,” is a famous proverb that drives Beau Dietl & Associate’s due diligence team. With over 30 years of experience, we understand that making informed decisions about an investment, hiring decision, or major financial transaction requires extensive fact-finding and scrutiny of unfamiliar parties. We’ve seen firsthand how a simple precautionary step such as a background investigation can save both people and businesses from incalculable reputational risks, litigation, personnel conflicts, and monetary losses.

We can scope legal, financial, and personal extensive background checks on individuals ranging from staff employees to high-profile business partners. Our experience has shown that the most effective corporate due diligence occurs when our investigators work closely with clients to answer their most important questions, such as:

  • Does my hiring candidate or business partner have a criminal record in the U.S. or abroad?
  • Is my potential partner involved in any civil litigation or bankruptcy proceedings that could affect our business relationship?
  • What’s the financial profile of my business partner? Do their identified assets corroborate a person’s claims about their financial background?
  • What’s the professional reputation of a potential new hire? What do people who have worked alongside the candidate say about their work and personal integrity?
  • Is my hiring candidate or business partner referenced in any social media or other online forums that could prove embarrassing to my company or damage our reputation?
  • Is my potential business partner creditworthy? Do they have any outstanding judgments or liens?
  • Can we verify the claims in the resume of a business partner or potential employee? Did they receive degrees or work at the places that they claim
  • Have my business partners or potential employees with professional licenses ever been subject to disciplinary actions?

Simple Background Check

Need a quick private investigator background check? We can help! Beau Dietl & Associates has partnered with BeenVerified to bring you a fast, instant background check.

Extensive Background Check Services

The scope and depth of Beau Dietl & Associate’s private investigator background check vary based on a client’s industry and specific objectives. Our private investigators and researchers will work with you to determine exactly what information is most important to you and tailor a due diligence plan to meet your specific needs. Our extensive background checks cover a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Criminal and arrest records in the U.S. and abroad
  • Litigation history (cases as both a plaintiff or defendant)
  • Legal filings, such as bankruptcy records, and court testimony
  • Employment verification
  • Education verification (confirmation of higher education degrees)
  • Financial profiles, including credit reports and financial account searches
  • Social media accounts, including those held under aliases
  • References in news media and online forums
  • Outstanding liens and judgments
  • Real assets (personal & business assets)
  • Business affiliations, including entities in which a person serves as an executive or corporate officer
  • Residence history
  • Motor vehicle records and license status
  • Professional license verification
  • Professional disciplinary history

Through exhaustive research, we will gather the most accurate and up-to-date information on an individual. At the end of every background investigation, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing our findings that will enable you to make educated business decisions. Contact us today to learn more about the broad range of our background checking capabilities.

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