Corporate Compliance

Professional. Discreet. Comprehensive.

Minimize your exposure to civil or criminal actions, and protect your reputation.

Are you sure you are fully compliant with the maze of local, national and international laws?

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Federal Sentencing Guidelines. Americans with Disabilities Act. Employment Practices. The Patriot Act.* And an array of insider trading regulations.

We are a designated Independent Private Sector Inspector General (IPSIG) – an approved independent monitoring agency.

Our approach is comprehensive.

Our compliance specialists identify areas of non-compliance. Then we help you develop, implement and monitor policies and procedures to remedy the violations.

Our accountants, lawyers, investigators and industry experts work together to ensure your Compliance Program has the seven elements of a well-designed compliance program as outlined in the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

In addition, keep in mind that according to these Guidelines, an ineffective corporate compliance program may be more damaging than none at all because it indicates that you should have known.

Patriot Act

Are you sure you are in compliance?

Do you have all the complex documentation and safeguards the law requires?

Could investors, vendors or customers be laundering money through your accounts?
As a corporate citizen post 9/11, you are responsible for such activities. If, for example, funds flowing though your company in any way fund terrorism or are part of a national or international laundering system, you are liable; you cannot claim to be an innocent victim.

Failure to comply is extremely expensive.

Beau Dietl’s compliance specialists ensure you are in full compliance. We verify sources of funds, screen for criminal records and examine relevant business relationships. We also set up systems fulfilling the transparency required by law and train your staff on the intricacies of compliance.subject.

Corporate Affiliations: Identification of companies where subject is a board member, owns more than 10 percent of a company or is part owner of privately held business.

Litigation History: Nationwide searches of various state and federal courts in all 50 states. Search includes all lawsuits, judgments, and liens where subject has been involved as a plaintiff, defendant, creditor or debtor.

Bankruptcy History: Nationwide searches of all U.S. bankruptcy courts to determine whether subject has ever petitioned for bankruptcy.

Criminal History: Nationwide searches to determine any record of criminal activity.
Organized Crime Connection: Determination of possible connections with underworld figures.
Credit History: Analysis of most recent credit report including credit score, sources and amount of indebtedness, late payments, etc.

Real Assets: Nationwide search for ownership of real estate properties, motor vehicles, boats, planes, etc.

DMV Record: Driving history covering convictions and citations for the last seven years (three years in some states).

News Searches: Searches of local, regional, national and international news publications that mention subject’s name.

Interviews/Other Intelligence: Interviews with individuals for the purpose of obtaining information not normally available from public records.

Analysis of Results: Detailed report of findings, set up systems fulfilling the transparency required by law and train your staff on the intricacies of compliance.

Corporate Investigations

Professional. Discreet. Comprehensive.

Preventive or Responsive.

When you need to know what’s really happening.

If you’ve had an incident, we’ll help you diagnose the underlying problem, recommend solutions, then help you put the appropriate controls in place.

  • Substantial experience in every area
  • Theft of Corporate Assets
  • Theft of Intellectual Property
  • Operational Weaknesses
  • Harassment and Discrimination Allegations
  • Employee Relations
  • Strike Crisis Management
  • Inventory Shrinkage
  • Drug or Alcohol Abuse at Work
  • Security Deficiencie