Intelligence is becoming increasingly important before proceeding with any business decision. Knowing the background and integrity of the parties involved in an investment, transaction, or other business arrangement has become paramount in completing a successful deal or establishing a rewarding partnership.

Many business owners, investors, and lenders seek critical information to help them make knowledgeable business decisions with regard to their future employees, investments, and potential business ventures. These executives, with the interests of their company, shareholders, and clients in mind, seek Beau Dietl & Associates’ corporate due diligence services.

When faced with a business decision (especially those which affect a company’s reputation and bottom line) executives are rightfully interested in pursuing as much information as possible to determine an individual’s trust and creditworthiness in addition to confirming that individual’s education and credentials. A fully developed profile on an individual or corporation can provide specific information relevant to a particular business decision as well as peace of mind in carrying out that decision.

At Beau Dietl & Associates, we understand the importance of thorough corporate due diligence and consider this to be one of our specialties. We take the time to complete an extensive background check on an individual or corporation, so our clients can make sound business decisions based on the most accurate information available. Though the scope of each due diligence investigation varies, each is extremely thorough and conducted with the utmost discretion, when necessary. To best meet our clients’ objectives and budget, we are happy to customize any due diligence investigation using as many or as few services, as desired. Please see a list of services below:

  • US College/Graduate School: Verification of all degrees obtained and attendance at schools referred on resumes or various company reports.
  • Past Employment: Verification of all employment referred on resumes or various company reports.
  • Credentials Verification: Verification of the certification of CPAs, lawyers, doctors, brokers, etc.
    SEC/NASD/State Licensing Boards: Searches for sanctions or disciplinary actions against the subject.
  • Corporate Affiliations: Identification of companies where the subject is a board member, owns more than 10 percent of a company or is part owner of a privately held business.
  • Litigation History: Nationwide searches of various state and federal courts in all 50 states. Search includes all lawsuits, judgments, and liens where the subject has been involved as a plaintiff, defendant, creditor or debtor.
  • Bankruptcy History: Nationwide searches of all U.S. bankruptcy courts to determine whether the subject has ever petitioned for bankruptcy.
  • Criminal History: Nationwide searches to determine any record of criminal activity.
  • Organized Crime Connection: Determination of possible connections with underworld figures.
  • Credit History: Analysis of most recent credit report including credit score, sources and amount of indebtedness, late payments, etc.
  • Real Assets: Nationwide search for ownership of real estate properties, motor vehicles, boats, planes, etc.
  • DMV Record: Driving history covering convictions and citations for the last seven years (three years in some states).
  • News Searches: Searches of local, regional, national and international news publications that mention subject`s name.
  • Interviews/Other Intelligence: Interviews with individuals for the purpose of obtaining information not normally available from public records.
  • Analysis of Results: Detailed report of findings, set up systems fulfilling the transparency required by law and train your staff on the intricacies of compliance.

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