Discover Your Family Heritage w/ Professional Genealogists

Clients worldwide rely on our professional genealogists and private investigators to dig deeper into their roots and locate hidden or unpublished records. Sometimes relatives don’t want to be found, while others were born prior to digital reuniting tools like Facebook. Our team of trained law enforcement, military, and investigative professionals have the access and expertise to locate missing information. The majority of identifying documents aren’t accessible by the public. Trust our experienced detectives to find the clues to your family heritage.

Uncover Your DNA with Beau Dietl & Associates’ Genealogy Private Investigator

Understanding your DNA is essential for several reasons. Knowing your DNA profile informs you of genetic risks for inherited diseases. Some clients want to know their parents’ identity, and others want to trace their DNA back even further to learn about relatives they’ve never met. Ascertaining ethnicity is also important to many families to map their family tree. Our professional genealogists compare your DNA samples with others from around the globe to pinpoint your specific bloodline. DNA matching is also a valuable tool for confirming paternity and securing longevity.

We Help Recover Old Family Documents

Learning about your family history can be a rewarding and informative experience. Our genealogy private investigators uncover interesting details like military service records, news stories, wedding announcements, obituaries, and career histories. Find long-lost relatives or missing links in your family tree with our detectives. Connect with relatives you never knew existed and learn about the important milestones in your ancestors’ lives through recovered documents. Understanding and documenting your ancestry is a wonderful gift to pass on to future generations.

Prevent Fraud & Inheritance Disputes with Our Genealogy Private Investigator

Unfortunately, families are not immune to disputes and fraud simply because they’re related. Our private investigators can locate critical information to prevent wire fraud, identity theft, embezzlement, and asset misappropriation. We’ll make sure your inheritance and rightful belongings remain in your possession. Prevent family disputes over wills, financial accounts, and custody with our legal expertise. We offer surveillance services and executive protection for individuals and assets. We’ll guard against abduction, lawsuits, corruption, and disputes, both domestically and across any borders. Talk to our private investigator of family history to learn how to avoid those risks.

Trust Beau Dietl & Associates for DNA Test Results and Family Research

Our elite team of investigators has a wealth of experience in obtaining missing information and unlocking historical mysteries. Our state-of-the-art laboratory is world-renowned for its accuracy, precision, and reliability. We’ve helped political figures, high profile individuals, and clients threatened by family members to discreetly discover the valuable information they need. Here are some services we offer to reveal your ancestry and DNA.

Our Genealogical Services:

  • We can help you obtain essential contact information about your family members, such as their email, residential address, and current phone numbers.
  • Our experts will help you locate the associates, colleagues, and friends who can speak about a deceased person’s life.
  • We can provide a family member’s professional history, such as the employers they’ve worked with or colleagues who know more about their work.
  • You will conveniently explore any missing links in your genealogy and locate any missing persons from your family tree.
  • We can help you uncover any property, asset, and financial details to determine your family’s economic history.
  • We’ll also help you view your kin’s social media accounts even if they registered under aliases.
  • Our professionals can retrieve any official documents that are linked to your family members. These include any criminal records or legal filings.
  • You can uncover references to members of your family tree in the news or any other media source. This also includes archived publications.
  • We can help you access their military service records of any family member who served.
  • You’ll be able to know the education history and academic accolades of a particular individual.

Contact Us to Find the Ancestry Answers You Seek

Don’t waste time scrolling the internet or paying ancestry websites to look for information that can’t be found online. Our esteemed detectives have the tools to access archived and sensitive documents, having served as investigators for the military, the government, and the NYPD. We offer an in-depth analysis and unparalleled access to your genealogy for an affordable price. We believe every person has the right to know where they came from, who they’re related to, and what they’re entitled to. Contact the genealogy private investigators at Beau Dietl & Associates to find the answers you’re looking for.

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