DNA tests have educated millions of people about their family lineage – but for many, this is just the first step in truly discovering their family history. BDA’s family researchers offer supplementary services that go beyond your family tree and help you build a full portrait of the individual lives in your extended family.

We can help you confidentially learn much more about your family members, such as:

  • Discreetly obtain contact information, including email addresses, current phone numbers, and residence addresses;
  • Locate friends, colleagues, and associates of deceased persons who can speak about their life;
  • Detail a person’s professional history, including employers and colleagues familiar with their work;
  • Explore missing links in your genealogy and find people missing from your family tree;
  • Uncover financial, property, and asset information to help you determine your family’s economic history;
  • Locate social media accounts, including those held under aliases;
  • Retrieve official records linked to your family, such as legal filings or criminal records;
  • Uncover references to your family in the news or other media sources, including archived publications;
  • Retrieve military service records for family members who served; and
  • Determine a person’s education history and awarded degrees.

BDA can confidentially obtain this information and enable you to learn about the lives – not just the genealogy – of your family.

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