Hiring the wrong people can be costly to both your company’s bottom line and reputation. When handling business situations, it is imperative to be proactive as opposed to reactive. You never want to say to yourself “I wish I would have checked first” or “I never saw this coming”. Find out who you are hiring before they become part of your work circle by conducting a thorough pre-employment screening. Make certain that this employee does not have a history of violence, identity theft, or other liable traits.

What Is a Pre-Employment Screening?

Selecting someone for a work position can be a daunting task. Some people may be shocked to learn that the average cost of a bad hire is estimated at around $15,000. Though every job and situation is different, no one wants to cause harm to their business or company. From reputations to profits, there is a lot to think about. Fortunately, companies and businesses are able to opt-in for pre-employment screenings. Pre-employment screenings are also commonly referred to as background checks. Using a candidate’s name or social security number, the pre-employment screening gathers a plethora of information to help discern whether a potential candidate will be a good fit. Pre-employment screenings are targeted at identifying troubling information related to criminal records, workers’ compensation history, driving records, and other sensitive information that could pose a threat to the wellbeing of a business, company, or coworkers. Indeed, one of the largest hiring platforms in America, warns its users and potential candidates of what to expect when undergoing pre-employment screenings.

We Deliver Thorough Background Checks for Employment

At Beau Dietl & Associates, our specialized employment screening investigators, and research analysts are experts at uncovering any potentially threatening information that could prove disruptive to your workplace. Thanks to our unlimited resources and trained, professional private investigators, we provide supporting evidence of a person’s history to reveal whether they meet your company’s standard.

The following listed below are a few extensive measures we take when conducting a pre-employment screening:

  • Address history
  • Eviction Reports
  • Education verification
  • Driving Record
  • Financial History
  • Professional Licenses Report
  • Reference Verification
  • Warrant Searches
  • Employment Verification
  • Workers Compensation History
  • Unemployment History
  • Sex Offender Searches
  • Criminal Background check

Make Educated and Informed Decisions on Who you Hire

Put your business in the best possible position. Making educated and informed decisions will promote success across the board. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact Beau Dietl & Associates to find out more about our pre-employment screening process.

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