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Today’s workforce is filing complaints in ever-greater numbers, whether internally with HR; externally with local, state, or Federal agencies; or going straight to state or Federal court to file lawsuits. BDA recognizes the significant detrimental effects these interpersonal, professional, discrimination, and harassment complaints can have on a company’s culture, reputation, and financial interests, as well as effects on employee morale and trust. We also understand that many employees find it difficult to share their experiences and grievances with internal managers, HR, or other corporate representatives whom they may work alongside on a day-to-day basis. This demonstrates the need for an alternative, independent, and objective channel for employees to voice and record their concerns.

Due to the increasing volume of such complaints in recent years, many organizations are outsourcing the management of these complaints and investigations. BDA offers certified professionals to work closely with our clients’ internal human resources managers to provide them with the support and investigative expertise to manage complaints thoroughly, quickly and efficiently.

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We firmly believe that outsourcing this service allows your company to provide employees with a capable, trusted, and secure outlet for grievances, while also allowing Human Resources to monitor and control as appropriate. This both mitigates the risk of unreported issues festering and enables your company to make informed and expeditious decisions supported by our in-depth investigations. Additionally, companies that provide access to a secure BDA third-party platform demonstrate their good faith efforts to offer employees multiple independent discreet reporting avenues. This reduces the perception of hostile work environments and retaliation, while fostering a strong organizational culture of trust and ethical behavior.

We provide our clients with a bespoke website, fully secure and encrypted, multilingual and accessible by client personnel 24/7. Employees can access this customized website to file confidential and, if necessary, anonymous complaints. Operationally, our trained professionals review each complaint within 12 hours, and, depending on your internal procedures and policies, determine an appropriate initial response. This response may be just a summary of facts provided to Human Resources, or, if the complaint is actionable, initiating an investigation.

Upon completion of each investigation, you will be provided with a comprehensive, unbiased, confidential report for further action or archiving. Should it be determined that an investigation is necessary, we will actively investigate utilizing all appropriate methods. You can see a demonstration of the reporting process by visiting: https://mysecurereport.com/go/li

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Our Expertise

BDA has handled many investigations relating to harassment, hostile working environments, safety concerns and other misconduct. We have worked with many organizations across a wide variety of industries throughout the United States and abroad. Our secure, confidential platform is specifically designed to facilitate reporting of ethics violations. Our investigators come from diverse backgrounds, including the legal, social work and law enforcement fields and are professional, diligent and caring.

Furthermore, all investigations are supervised by Title VII certified professionals and our entire team has received Title VII training. We will be a valuable resource to your employees and they will have assurance and protection that any issue reported will be investigated fully. It has been our experience that when this platform is implemented, more individuals are empowered to come forward with their reports.

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