These people came from all facets of life – some are lost relatives or friends, such as childhood connections, lost lovers, or old colleagues. Others have been key witnesses in lawsuits, debtors facing major court judgments, or persons sought by law enforcement. For over three decades, Beau Dietl & Associates has been held in the highest regard for its expertise in missing person investigations.

Our exceptionally high success rate in finding missing people is due to the capabilities of our private investigators, who include former detectives, family research specialists, investigative journalists, and U.S. Intelligence Community analysts. Our investigative team often starts with fragments of information, but we apply our unique tools and expertise to build a trail that leads to finding a missing person. Our tools and skill sets include:

  • Our investigators are skilled at pulling public records, such as property records, court filings, birth/death certificates, and financial records.
  • We subscribe to a multitude of proprietary databases that often provide valuable clues about a person’s location or contact information.
  • If finding a missing person matters to a client, it matters to us. In one recent case, we helped connect an elderly person at the end of their life with a long-lost lover from their youth. Our missing person investigators understand how special a reconnected relationship can be.
  • Our team is trained to following the increasing amounts of digital traces left by people, such as those in social media accounts or other online activities. We also utilize specialized software to cull valuable information from the internet, such as social media accounts hidden under aliases.
  • Our investigators often utilize our relationships with law enforcement officers across the country to find information about key persons.
  • Our investigators are skilled at interviewing persons who can provide key information that can help find a missing person.

To speak to a missing person investigator about your search for a missing person, please contact us.

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