Whether a civil or criminal case, domestic or business dispute, or other disagreements center on purported irregularities in checks, wills, contracts, insurance policies, deeds, and other questionable documents. Beau Dietl & Associates will help you when you require the assistance of a certified forensic document examiner.

Forensic Document Services are used as a means of identifying forgery and establishing the authenticity of documents that are in dispute. Forensic Document Examination is crucial for a court of law to be able to correctly evaluate document evidence to be admitted. The examiner determines:

  • Authenticity
  • Exposes forgery
  • Reveals alterations, additions, or deletions
  • Identify/eliminate an individual as a source of handwriting
  • Identify/eliminate the source of typewriting, photocopies, impressions, marks, or relative evidence
  • Identification of inks and type of writing instrument
  • Provides reposts or testimony when needed

Why Do You Need Forensic Document Services?

Just as no two people are exactly alike, the handwriting of no two people are exactly alike in their combination of characteristics and variations. Questionable signatures include those which are genuine but which were disguised, or written in some illegible manner, by the writer for the purpose of later deniability. There are also instances where the author either has no memory of executing their signature or is unwilling to accept as genuine. A forensic signature examination is then needed to identify the facts.

With regard to printed documents questions may arise as to whether a series of documents were prepared on the same machine. Beau Dietl & Associates’s Forensic Document Examiners are able to determine what make/model of printer was used and when was the typed document produced. At times it may come into question whether a portion of a document has been altered, a portion rendered may not be readily visible, or some text added or removed. If an elimination/alteration is identified, then the method is determined and described, and if possible the text of the eliminated entry deciphered.

Indented writing can be a very important piece of a puzzle to a case. This is when an imprint may be left on the underlying pages when the top sheet of paper is written upon. The impression of the writing is affected by pen pressure and the thickness of the paper. Indented writing is very useful as a form of connecting evidence, such as tying a robbery note to a writing pad recovered from a suspect. Beau Dietl & Associate’s forensic signature examiners use the newest technologies to identify these texts.

Whether a case involves a simple signature or contains hundreds of suspected documents requiring arduous examination, you can rest assure their situation will be handled by the most qualified, experienced, and thorough expert. We look forward to providing you with exceptional service.

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