Litigation Support

We have provided Litigation Support for many high profile criminal defense attorneys in New York City and nationally. We have trained detectives on staff that have spent a lifetime interviewing witnesses for cases.

Criminal Defense Investigations

Over the course of our 35 years, BDA has been selected to provide investigative services to many high-profile clients who have been charged with crimes. In a number of instances, BDA was the choice made by some extremely notable criminal defense attorneys to prove a client’s innocence and establish reasonable doubt to jurors. BDA’s investigative team is comprised of some of the most talented and esteemed investigators that come from successful careers within the NYPD and FBI. Locating and conducting interviews of critical witnesses holds tremendous importance on the ultimate outcome of criminal trials. The BDA team of highly experienced Detectives have been successful in collecting this valuable information on behalf of lawyers and the clients they represent.

However, it doesn’t stop there. BDA investigators have years of experience testifying in state as well as federal courts. Their courtroom testimony in front of a jury has allowed many of our clients to have achieved their desired outcome at trial.

Police Liaison

If you feel as though your complaint with the police has not been properly entertained, we work with the police on a regular basis to help our clients’ cases. We have been able to take those cases, get a complaint filed, get the case investigated, and in many cases assist with the apprehension of the person in question.


Many of our clients have had their homes, offices, or businesses broken into or defrauded. We work with each of our clients and the police conducting private investigations into the theft. We canvass pawn shops and other places where people sell stolen items. We have gone undercover into businesses where theft was taking place to determine which employees are committing the theft and apprehend them.


Matrimonial investigations are often a complex subject and fraught with numerous hurdles and roadblocks. We have been navigating these roads for over 30 years and are ready to work with any client on any investigation they may need.

Accident Investigations

Do you own a business or a home? Did an accident take place on your property and now you have been served with court papers Interviewing witnesses, taking statements.

Forensic Services

Fingerprint Examination

Sometimes knowing where to go to get a set of fingerprints examined can be hard. Knowing if the organization you are contracting is reputable and reliable can be agonizing. At BDA, we have decades of experienced law enforcement professionals on staff that are trained and certified to examine fingerprints and analyze them.

Latent Fingerprints

Do you believe an object or a surface may have a fingerprint on it that could help you solve a crime? Finding someone to examine that surface properly and lift any possible fingerprints from it can be daunting. Latent prints are invisible to the naked eye, and accurately capturing them can mean the difference between solving a crime and never solving a crime.


DNA analysis has become fairly commonplace with the evolution of 23andMe and DNA has become an integral part of any criminal investigation and we only work with the best CLIA certified labs in the United States.

Death Investigations

Do you believe that your loved one may not have died of natural causes? Do you believe that perhaps there may have been foul play involved in your loved one’s suicide? We investigate them all. Our investigators on staff have decades of training in various law enforcement agencies and have investigated all manner of death.