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Insurance fraud is an everyday occurrence. According to the FBI: “The insurance industry consists of more than 7,000 companies that collect over $1 trillion in premiums each year. The total cost of insurance fraud (non-health insurance) is estimated to be more than $40 billion per year. That means Insurance Fraud costs the average U.S. family between $400 and $700 per year in the form of increased premiums.”

While computers and statistical analysis have proven to be extremely helpful in flagging potential cases of fraud, having a private investigations firm that specializes in insurance fraud investigations is necessary to ensure accuracy and to save time and money.

The Beau Dietl & Associates team of insurance experts, researchers, and investigators collaborate to get the facts you need to make informed decisions related to:

– Workers’ compensation
– Vehicular accidents
– Arson
– Personal injury
– Theft of Property

We tailor our services to meet the needs of the client, claim and investigation. Our services include:

–  Accident Scene Investigations
–  Activity checks
–  Wellness checks
–  Arising Out of Employment  & Course of Employment
–  Background checks
–  Compliance Reporting
–  Criminal checks
–  Direct surveillance
–  Recorded and written statements
–  Subpoena services
–  Witness location

About Our Services

Activity Checks

Activity checks are often used in the private investigation business as a way of establishing what a subject’s current activities are. There are a variety of techniques private investigators employ to establish what a subject’s current activities are. We recommend an activity check be completed before assigning any surveillance. Experience has taught us that claimant information is sometimes inaccurate. Inaccurate information can be costly, both to the success of the investigation and also to the bottom line. At times, results can be achieved through diligent telephone work, while at other times, field activity checks are necessary. Whatever the method used, we aim to get results quickly and minimize costs.

Background Investigations

When necessary and pertinent, BDA can probe into a subject’s past employment records (time/lost wages), civil litigation records, property holdings, hospital records, prior reported injuries, financial records (with executed releases), and social media accounts.

Fraud rings work together over a number of years, and when you do a basic background check, which checks for a criminal history, it can shed light on whether a fraud ring may be involved. Social media has been instrumental for BDA when investigating claims as well. So much of our lives are on the internet, it can sometimes be as simple as finding the person’s social media account to see if they have posted a photo of them skiing when they claim to have a leg injury.

Information from a background check may not provide evidence of fraud, but more often than not it justifies investigating a claim further.

Claim Investigations

BDA is capable of working closely with claim professionals and can assist in suggesting the proper investigative approach to many claim issues. Our action plans are designed to obtain accurate results through meticulous investigation.


As the primary tool of any competent private investigations firm, surveillance is still the most reliable way to get the facts on any insurance fraud case, but should it be the first line of defense? Experience has shown us that surveillance is a tool that must be used at the right time. All too often surveillance is viewed as the “cure all” for every claim. We respect the use of surveillance, but we know that proper deployment of investigative resources is crucial to the success of the investigation. We advocate the use of activity checks before assigning any surveillance. The success of surveillance depends mainly on being armed with accurate facts. We strive to learn the facts without incurring unnecessary expense.