Our investigators have distinguished themselves by obtaining information that’s proven pivotal in landlord-tenant cases before the New York City Housing Court.  With over three decades of experience, we’ve bolstered our clients’ housing cases by producing key findings, such as proof of residence, video or photographic evidence, and sworn statements from investigators.  We’ve helped turn legal claims into conclusive judgments.

BDA’s expertise with matters before the Housing Court stems from the varied skillset of our investigators and their experience supporting both landlords and tenants in Housing Court.  Our investigators include former fraud examiners, attorneys, detectives, and investigative journalists.

We provide the following services that have been instrumental in resolving landlord-tenant disputes in favor of our clients:

  • Our investigators are experienced in uncovering violations of New York’s housing laws, such as illegal subletting, Airbnb rentals, and violations of rent stabilization rules.  We have an established track record of locating the primary and secondary residence addresses for an array of persons, many of whom attempted to conceal their residence.
  • We’ve also helped both landlords and tenants involved in disputes regarding Airbnb listings, such as alleged violations of an array of laws, including the New York State Multiple Dwelling Law, certificate of occupancy requirements, zoning codes, rent control/stabilization rules, lease restrictions, and condominium/cooperative rules.
  • Our surveillance specialists can help you discreetly document activity at a property that can later be admitted in Housing Court to support your claims.
  • Our investigators, including detectives with decades of investigative experience, are skilled at interviewing persons who can provide key information or sworn testimony about a person’s activities and whereabouts.
  • Our investigators are skilled at finding an array of public or hard-to-find records that can lead to a person’s whereabouts, such as Department of Motor Vehicle records, Board of Election registrations, utility accounts, property records, and telephone registrations.  We also subscribe to a multitude of proprietary databases that often provide valuable clues about a person’s location or contact information.
  • Our investigators often utilize our relationships with law enforcement officers across the country to find information about key persons.
  • BDA has deep experience working alongside attorneys to coordinate a client’s legal and investigative objectives, which can expedite the resolution of your case.
  • Our housing-related investigations have also helped advance our clients’ related legal actions in the New York City Small Claims Court.

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