Brand and Trade Secret Protection

Brand fraud has increased exponentially due to the globalization of our trading markets. Taking steps to protect intellectual property is serious as when an incident occurs it is crucial to have an immediate and attentive response. Beau Dietl & Associates works closely with its clients to protect their intellectual property against counterfeits, gray market diversion and trademark infringement.

Gray market and diverted goods are as harmful as brand fraud or counterfeits. They tarnish and dilute your brand while also decreasing the sales of legitimate products. This can harm your relationships with your sales force, manufacturers and business partners. With globalization this issue will continue to increase and we are here to help you resolve this. Today the gray market has extended to online as well as brick and mortar shops. Beau Dietl & Associates handles both; we work tirelessly in order to protect the luxurious image and hard earned reputation that you created and developed over the years. Our global physical and online presence enables us to identify the source of these illegal sales.

In association with these investigations follows trademark infringement investigations; at Beau Dietl & Associates we help to identify and determine who is behind the infringement, no matter the location worldwide. In addition, we offer comprehensive background investigation checks on all parties involved. Beau Dietl & Associates obtains the background checks for all related parties as well as the handling of trademark purchases, if needed.

Beau Dietl & Associates is here to ensure that your brand reputation is sufficiently protected at all times. We work to satisfy your every need and are there to identify and resolve projected and unforeseen problems at every stage. Our strategies come from your needs. Our investigations span from nation to nation, both via online and brick and mortar shops also extending to major chain store operations.

We investigate trademark infringements, protect brands and handle counterfeit as well as gray market good diversions with the utmost ethical and legal standards so that our results can be utilized during legal proceedings or for actionable intelligence to base strategic and tactical decisions.

Beau Dietl & Associates offers a broad range of resources providing a variety of strategies that include forensic accounting, electronic discovery among other methodologies in addition to more traditional investigative methods; including covert operations and surveillance. Beau Dietl & Associates remains in constant communication with every client to insure that the investigative process remains consistent with the client’s objectives. We seek to match our clients’ needs in the most cost efficient manner with the aim of reaping effective and permanent resolutions.