Beau Dietl and Associates has a nearly 40 year track record of working with clients in the real estate industry. We provide our clients with a comprehensive suite of risk mitigation and intelligence solutions including: security services, due diligence, litigation support, internal investigations and more.

Our expertise in the real estate sector includes:

New Site Development

Site Development, Threat and Vulnerability Assessment

We’ve assisted in developing the most comprehensive, security programs for flagship real estate developments nationwide. Our team has conducted risk assessments and security evaluations of corporate headquarters, industrial facilities, office buildings, shopping centers, medical and residential housing, and private residences. We have also developed corporate security plans and specific countermeasures, incorporating quick response and cost effective solutions.

Not only will BDA bring the best possible security programs to your site, but we keep the programs current by staying on top of changes in technology, such as explosive and trace detection systems, biometrics, and computer networking. These developments in technology are ever changing and throughout the life of the project are reviewed to ensure whenever possible the most advanced technologies are deployed.

Executive Protection

Physical Security- Armed and Unarmed Guards

BDA supplies officers on a contract basis as well as on-demand service, often with less than a 24 hour response time. Many of our team consists of former military and law enforcement officers to meet the most demanding situations. We provide 24×7 in-field and dispatch supervision utilizing the latest technology built upon tested standardization and operating procedures.

Unlike many other professions, rather than being replaced by technology, they have become a critical component in an organization’s complete protection plans where a necessary human being is required to provide the judgment, physical presence and personal communications required of an effective security prevention and response plan.

Security Technology

Litigation Support

We have decades of experience working on investigations that produce evidence admissible in court .Our professionals take a comprehensive approach to each individual case and offer solutions tailored to the situation. We operate with the appropriate level of prudence, and practice investigative methods that can bear the scrutiny of judges and juries. We believe in adhering to a high degree of accountability to ensure our clients’ confidentiality, satisfaction and peace of mind are guaranteed.

We understand that navigating the legal system requires strict adherence to schedules and deadlines for document production. BDA has assisted our clients at every juncture in a dispute process, from initial complaint to appeal and judgment satisfaction. In our best-case scenarios, information we uncover stops litigation before it even gets to trial.

Site Development, Threat and Vulnerability Assessment

Due Diligence

Comprehensive due diligence investigations into corporate entities and their principals, both in the US and abroad. These checks are essential for investment and M&A targets, as well as to vet potential investors, partners and vendors. We go beyond the typical pro forma checks and we often find records that might be missed on a cursory search.

Our investigations include in-depth social media and internet-based investigations to evaluate both the reputational risks posed by a person as well as gaining insight into their recent activities.


Client Challenge

Beau Dietl Associates (BDA) was retained in June of 2021 and signed a 3-year contract with a major real estate development and management company to provide full security for a mixed-use redevelopment site that includes retail, offices, residences and an entertainment complex. In addition, BDA was tasked with providing special event and concert security for a 4,000+ person venue.


BDA expeditiously trained and hired dedicated staff for this site ensuring the safety at one of New York’s preeminent waterfront attractions. Now, BDA provides upscale security 365 days a year, providing over 65,000 hrs. of service annually.

In addition, BDA provides approximately 16,500 hrs. of security for special events and concerts. Our special event staff was called upon for the security of more than 4,000 concert goers in the most recent year. This mixed use space continues to attract 10K+ visitors to the shops, restaurants and special events which ensures the safety and security of each guest.


As a result of BDA’s successful deployment at this site, the client has granted BDA an exclusive at the next phase of the development, a 53,000-sf marketplace featuring retail and culinary experiences from around the world.

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