Beau Dietl & Associates would like to thank you for your Investigations business with a special introduction to our Security practice, offered exclusively to valued clients like you.

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We all see the news. Crime is everywhere. With times changing and incidents on the rise, who do you trust to mitigate your risk?

Beau Dietl Security is highly-curated, discreet, comprehensive and customer-focused anchored by a proactive and responsive team. We’re widely considered a leader in security in the New York tri-state and Miami areas for nearly 40 years.

As times change and security challenges evolve, so, too, do the security teams at Beau Dietl & Associates. Utilizing the highest risk modeling guidelines & methodologies, we can significantly lower the risks to data centers, venues and arenas, corporate assets & events of all types. We determine the origin & profile of potential threats, then implement access control to increase site security.

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Trust a Legend. Trust Beau Dietl Security Services.

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Richard Bo Dietl
Founder and CEO

Michael Ruggiero
COO & President