Security Officers

In order for a protection plan to be complete, the physical presence of a well-trained security officer can be necessary. We have both armed and unarmed bodyguards that can facilitate crowd control for vehicles and pedestrians, perform basic law enforcement tasks, act as a first responder liaison and much more. We stand out among private security companies for our fast response time when you need someone on-site.


New Site Development

Imagine how much safer a building would be if it had trace and explosive detection systems, computer networking and biometrics built into it. Whether you’re looking to build a new corporate headquarters, shopping center, residence or other structure, you can significantly reduce security risks by including these and other safety features. Let us help you with new site development to ensure security measures accounted for and included in the blueprint.

Building Under Construction

Executive Protection

Business leaders, families of high net worth individuals and prominent executives should feel safe, regardless of where they are what time it is. We take personal protection seriously, and our protection specialists average 25 years of previous experience in either the military, law enforcement or both. In addition, we provide our own comprehensive training to make sure our executive protection services are the best.

Security Technology

The latest advances in intrusion detection and access control not only allow for more comprehensive security, but also detect and prevent threats early before they are able to pose real danger. We use features like facial and license plate recognition, thermal imaging and loitering detection. Our access to worldwide criminal and terrorist databases as well as the latest in security technology allow us to protect you.

School Vulnerability Assessments

Our strategic emergency planning helps minimize security threats as well as potential damage. Understanding key points of vulnerability and partnering with community members allows not only individual schools but entire districts to be better protected against threats like natural disasters, technology blackouts, terrorists and more. We complete a school vulnerability assessment and create a customized plan to ensure students and faculty are as safe as possible.

Threat & Risk Assessment

Using the highest risk modeling guidelines and methodologies, we can significantly lower the risks to data centers, private homes, industrial assets and more. We do this by determining the origin and profile of potential threats, and then implementing access control and increasing site security as well as technology. We complete all threat and risk assessments following strict compliance guidelines to ensure the utmost privacy of both physical assets and people.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Individuals, organizations and competitors should not be allowed to use technology to spy on you. Anyone from a revengeful partner to a law enforcement agency may try to access sensitive, confidential information. We can help you fight back by using the latest technology surveillance countermeasures to detect and eliminate evidence of spying in a single room as well as an entire building.

Temperature Screening


Conducting entry temperature screenings for entering your business can detect individuals that are currently unwell and pose a risk to others. While not all individuals with Coronavirus are symptomatic, many are and those with symptoms can be more prone to spread the virus. Reducing the exposure of individuals that are exhibiting symptoms will ultimately help to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

Temperature Screening

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