Technology has advanced at a rapid rate over the past 20 years allowing determined people, competitors, organizations inexpensive ways to spy on you with increasing ease. In fact, someone could be spying on you, your employees or even your family right now. It could be a competitor, someone seeking inside information, a resentful spouse/partner, or even illegals acts of law enforcement agencies. Regardless of who or why, you have the right to know if someone is attempting to steal your trade secrets, confidential and sensitive information or invading your privacy through technical means.

Our professionals are thoroughly trained in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM). By using state-of-the-art equipment, complimented by physical and visual investigative techniques to detect any evidence of spying our investigators are able to “sweep” all locations from a single room in a home or office to entire buildings phones, fax machines, office equipment, electrical wiring and outlets, ventilation systems, appliances, furnishings, ceilings, under floors, or anywhere else an illicit listening devices or video surveillance systems may be hidden. Our intricate searched include hidden Global Positioning Systems (GPS) secretly installed to track the location of vehicles including cars, truck, boats and aircraft.

In an effort to zero-in on real devices and eliminate false positives, we only use the most modern and trusted techniques including:

  • Spectrum Analyzers
  • Wideband Receivers
  • Non-Linear Junction Detectors
  • Phone “Wire-Tap” Detectors
  • Detection Vulnerability audits
  • Eavesdropping detection
  • SCIF Inspections Bug sweeps
  • In Place Monitoring (IPM)
  • Off Site RF Monitoring

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