Executive Protection Services

Enlisting the help of an executive protection service can help safeguard your assets, employees, and loved ones. Beau Dietl & Associates recognizes the threat associated with high profile clientele and businesses. Our world-class professionals have served as law enforcement, military officers, and highly acclaimed detectives. Paired with their knowledge and real-world experience, our team can help minimize acts of crime that can threaten your well-being. We have served in various settings, including private estates, corporate buildings, alongside celebrities, manufacturing facilities, and more. Beau Dietl and Associates takes no shortcuts when it comes to your protection; you’re our top priority.

Executive Protection Services Offered by Beau Dietl & Associates:

Surveillance Detection

Beau Dietl & Associates provides professional counter surveillance services for businesses, executives, and high-risk individuals. We help protect your privacy (including attorney-client communications) by searching for the presence of eavesdropping devices such as hidden microphones. This is coupled with intense physical inspections that uncover evidence of listening devices discreetly activated to monitor conversations.

Bodyguard Protection for High Profile Individuals

Politicians, celebrities, professional athletes, and other high profile individuals face security threats daily. Perpetrators are far more capable of tracking you down. Beau Dietl & Associates offers both armed and unarmed security guards and surveillance for your protection. Our team is highly trained at protecting you up close and from a distance. We’re adept at stepping aside for speeches, interviews, and photo opportunities without compromising your safety. Whether you prefer our visible presence or covert protection, we provide total safety.

Our team can help protect you from the following threats:

  • Assault
  • Stalking
  • Property damage
  • Kidnapping
  • Extortion
  • Motor vehicle or larceny-theft
  • Harassment

Armored Vehicles

We deliver armored vehicles to large companies and VIP individuals. Our vehicle fleet includes DOS certified armored Suburbans operated by reliable and highly trained armed security personnel. Our armored cars also offer an array of add-ons to meet your needs against any threat. Whether your organization requires an armored carrier or an armored SUV, we will provide a full vehicle armoring solution. This ensures that all potential weaknesses are eliminated.

Event Security

When it comes to the security of any event, expertise is an important aspect. Beau Dietl & Associates provides unparalleled safety, security, and presence to any event. We offer security services for parties, entertainment venues, promotional events, and corporate meetings. Components of our event security services include vulnerability assessments and risk elements evaluation.

Our track record proves that we are equipped to handle any event security threat. We accomplish this by actively utilizing our extensive domestic and international resources.

Covert Protection Services

Covert executive protection is one of the elite protective services Beau Dietl & Associates offers. Covert protection rarely fits the conventional model, often high-risk due to current threats.

We provide highly trained security guards that are highly adaptable in any situation. This enables an individual to go about their daily routine without obtrusive protection. The individual will feel a sense of freedom and still know that they have the right protection. Our wide variety of services covers all personal, business, and individual covert protection needs.

We encounter each new challenge with great determination and dedication. Furthermore, every member of our protective surveillance team understands their roles and responsibilities.

Personal & Family Threat Assessments

With decades of experience, our team understands all the possible threats to your security. Many people are unaware that employees, coworkers, clients, and family members can threaten their well-being, in addition to strangers. A formal risk assessment is the best way to understand personal and family threats. Our expert consultants perform these thorough assessments discretely to mitigate risk and prevent violence and crime from entering your life. We deploy multi-disciplinary resources that are adaptable to your unique set of circumstances. Don’t wait until a threat is at your doorstep. Contact us, and our team will eliminate it proactively.

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