Lie Detector Services in NYC

Over the past few decades the polygraph technique has proven to be one of the most powerful and useful scientific tools for criminal investigations and personnel screening. Through the years it has expanded and developed its use to private concerns to include cases in corruption and commercial fraud, corporate security threats, industrial espionage, tests on marital or fidelity issues, finances, or verification of statements from a witness, informer or suspect.

Beau Dietl & Associates provides businesses and individuals with accurate and reliable polygraph tests, known popularly as lie detector tests; a highly effective and insightful device primarily used by government and law enforcement agencies. Polygraph testing will allow you to move forward in a direction suitable for your circumstance with a guarantee of knowing the truth. No need to waste time wondering when the resources are at your disposal.

According to the test’s theory, when a person is being deceitful they suffer from stress that produces a measurable involuntary physiological reaction. When performed, sensors are attached to a person’s body in various areas where stress releases allowing the distributor to obtain measurements. A polygraph is able to distinguish secretion of perspiration, changes in breathing and blood pressure levels. These triggers are graphed and inspected by a professional who is capable of determining whether a person is being deceitful. Polygraph testing has proven to be up to 98% accurate and is widely considered an excellent means in reducing exposure to security threats, deception of a subject. There are various formats to polygraph testing. Some are not as precise as others which is why it is important to seek the help of a skilled examiner to ensure accuracy.

Lie Detector tests are performed for whatever reason an individual or company may deem fit. Typically when a person requests a polygraph examination it is inclusive of, but not limited to the following circumstances:

Relationship and Fidelity Issues

When dating or married, suspicions may arise regarding sexual contact, cheating, abuse, or domestic violence. It is an unfortunate situation when faced to base a relationship’s future on personal doubt. At times spouses are not the only party to raise suspicion; often we receive referrals from psychiatrists or family counselors providing their own reservations. The certainty of an answer is as simple as a phone call away.

Periodic Staff Screening

Preventative methods to assess the honesty and integrity of employees are imminent when safeguarding your business. Whether considering a candidate for a promotion or in the unfortunate circumstance that you suspect an employee of cheating, stealing or sharing confidential information a polygraph will expose the reality of your prospects motives.

Support for Defense Lawyers

Lawyers may issue their client to take a polygraph test in an attempt to develop a defense strategy when faced in court. In order to avoid costly reputation threatening occurrences, a lie detector test is performed to filter cases and determine the honesty of the claimant. This assists to assure that they will not incur out of pocket expenses. Also, in the event that a sexual offense, personal injury or other circumstance where false accusations and exaggerated complaints are likely to occur, polygraphs may be used to clear or convict the suspect charged.


Many times lie detector tests are utilized during custody cases to determine if a child has been neglected or abused. In addition, tests are distributed to evaluate the parents’ involvement in any claims that may have been brought against them.

Pre- Employment

Owning or managing a business becomes more challenging when faced with the task of employing staff. It is expensive to hire the individuals that lack company standards. At times a lie detector test is the safest way to conduct pre-employment screenings before appointing the wrong personalities that could prove detrimental to company progression.

Mentioned above is a brief list of cases in which examinations are performed at Beau Dietl & Associates. However, regardless of the situation, if you feel you are being deceived or betrayed please contact us. Our team of experts provides top performance guaranteeing the results you seek.