Advances in security technology are moving at a breathtaking pace. CCTV, Access Control and Intrusion Detection can no longer be seen just as separate systems forming a last line of defense or providing a forensic look back on what’s already happened. Rather, they must be part of an intelligent and well integrated Physical Protection Systems (PPS) acting as an integrated force multiplier.

BDA has partnered with some of the best security technology companies and systems integrators in the world allowing us to offer the latest in security advancements as part of our comprehensive protective solutions allowing our clients to proactively detect and deter threats before they cause harm to their physical assets and people.

Our solutions set include:

  • Multi-camera, High Definition digital CCTV (H.264) with optional local NVR or cloud-based recording.
  • Digital video surveillance including integrated thermal imaging, facial detection, motion detection, loitering detection and license plate recognition. These capabilities form the foundation of our virtual guarding platform.
  • Integrated access to global terrorist and criminal databases.
  • Access control with the latest authentication, anti-piggybacking, anti-tailgating, and anti-pass-back technology.
  • Boundary penetration sensors including glass-break sensors (acoustic, vibration, and metallic foil), sonic, electromechanical, infrared and fiber optic.

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