Slowly but surely communities across the United States are beginning to reopen and return to some sense of normalcy following the widespread pandemic that has affected every individual in some capacity. COVID-19 is still in our midst and continues to pose a threat to our health and it is important we are mindful of this continued threat as we reopen our businesses and events.

As you reopen the doors to your business and welcome back your customers and employees, it is imperative that you do as safely as possible. The health and safety of your workforce and your customers should be your top priority in order to ensure that they feel secure and protected returning to your company. There are precautions your business can take to keep your facility as secure as possible from the threat of COVID-19 such as the routine and daily temperature screenings for employees and customers that walk through your doors.

Why Does Your Business Need Temperature Checks?

COVID-19 has been reported as highly contagious and easily contracted in enclosed spaces with individuals in close proximity. With the implementation of social distancing guidelines and other procedures for safety in combination with entry temperature screenings, you are taking as safe a route as possible to opening your doors and making the safety of your staff and guests of utmost priority.

Fever is a telltale symptom of the Coronavirus and is one of the most common symptoms reported by individuals who have tested positive for the virus. While not all individuals show fever as a result of COVID-19, it one of the easier symptoms to detect as a third-party observer.

By conducting entry temperature screenings as a requirement for those entering your business you can detect individuals that are currently unwell and in turn pose a risk to others. While not all individuals with Coronavirus are symptomatic many are and those with symptoms of fever and cough can be more prone to spread the virus to those around them. Reducing the exposure of individuals that are exhibiting symptoms will ultimately help to curb the spread of Coronavirus throughout our communities.

A Trained Team Ready to Keep Your Business Secure

At Beau Dietl & Associates, safety and security is our number one priority. Our private security services focus on providing real security solutions to ensure the safety of your business and events. While COVID-19 is not a security threat that we have dealt with in the past, it is now a very real and current threat to the safety and health of our communities throughout the tri-state area (NY, NJ and CT).

We trained and prepared all of our security officers to combat threats that may present themselves to your business and COVID-19 is no different. Our security guards are now armed with the knowledge and capability to perform accurate and effective temperature screenings for your business as part of their security services.

By allowing our trained security guards to conduct temperature screenings for your business, you are providing an additional level of protection for your company, your staff, and your customers. Do not burden your current staff with the task to screen incoming customers and employees; instead, designate the task to a trained and professional third party to carry out your security needs. We offer security solutions for businesses in industries ranging from retail to entertainment, dining, commercial and residential buildings.

Contact us at Beau Dietl & Associates to discuss our available security solutions and options for your current business needs.

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