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Threat and Vulnerability Assessments

A threat and vulnerability assessment is a critical first step in designing any security program. Only a comprehensive assessment, conducted by a qualified, experienced and certified assessor, using a logical and proven methodology provide the necessary quantitative and qualitative information to make accurate and cost-effective decisions critical to the protection of your physical assets, organizations, clients and employees.

BDA has more than three-decades experience completing assessments in the highest risk, most complex environments around the world on a diverse set of corporate and industrial assets, data centers, schools including K-12, colleges and universities, private estates and homes, and houses of worship.

We utilize globally accepted Protection-In-Depth methodologies consistent with ASIS International Risk Assessment Standards, American Standards Institute, and ISO risk modeling guidelines combined with the latest guidelines is by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to ensure our clients clearly understand their security risks ranging from global terrorism to local petty street crime and guide them in selecting the most effective countermeasures, including the latest in security technology, and designing and implementing a security program with fail-safe policies, procedures and controls to mitigate the most complex risks.

Our assessments often form the security baseline for compliance with some of the most demanding compliance, audit and reporting standards required of our clients including SSAE -16, SAS-70, Patriot Act, Sarbanes Oxley and HIPAA and are governed by the following approach:

1. Threat Origin:

  • Global
  • Regional
  • Local

2. Threat Profile:

  • Terrorism (targeted and indiscriminate)
  • Organized Crime
  • Serious Crime
  • Workplace violence
  • Spontaneous violence
  • Local area & petty crime

3. Access Control:

  •  Authentication
  • Credentialing
  • Monitoring

4. Site Security:

  • Perimeters
  • Access Points
  • Vehicle Controls
  • Critical Technology spaces
  • Critical Mechanical Spaces

5. Security Technology

  • Security Operations Center
  • CCTV
  • Access Control
  • Intrusion Detection (Active & Passive)

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