Bo Dietl Shares 3 Tips For Keeping Your School Safe From Violence And Crime

Ensuring our school systems are safe is a top priority in the United States. Fortunately, there are several ways to protect schools and enhance levels of security in order to prevent potential problems from arising. Here are three tips on how to keep your school safe from violence and crime:

  1. Practice emergency drills and procedures. There are multiple potential threats that can affect schools today. In case of emergency, staff and students must be prepared to face any situation at any given time. Practice various types of drills to prepare your school to handle potential emergencies.
  1. Host educational training and informational seminars. Each state mandates specific training sessions for all school teachers and administration. Additionally, school officials are also required to host educational and informational seminars for students. The better educated and prepared you are to face a situation, the more likely you are able to prevent it from happening at all.
  1. Hire professional security guards. Hiring a professional security group to guard school entrances and patrol the hallways is a great way to protect the premise. Qualified security guards must be licensed, trained, and experienced in school safety. Similarly, metal detectors and other security services and devices can also be implemented in order to prevent weapons or drugs from entering the campus.
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