Nobody wants to feel the hurt that comes from being cheated on by a romantic partner, but unfortunately it happens. Often, it starts innocently and develops into something more serious. In other cases, the significant other purposely seeks companionship elsewhere. In either situation, it’s not okay and you deserve to know whether or not it’s happening. The following are some signs your significant other is cheating on you and how to catch them in the act.

  1. You Start Noticing Phone Issues

Phone issues range from your significant other not answering when you call to not allowing you to answer when someone else calls. You might notice him or her letting calls go to voicemail more often and ignoring texts. Perhaps when someone calls, your partner ignores it and then excuses him- or herself for a short period of time.

In any case, phone issues typically happen because your partner doesn’t want you to know who’s on the other line. He or she doesn’t want you to see the texts or question the number on the caller ID. Frequently excusing oneself shortly after a phone call or text is a sign your partner is following up with a secret lover.

  1. Life Gets Irregularly Busy

The craziness of life comes and goes throughout the different stages you find yourself in. Your partner might have a demanding job that gets more demanding at certain times of the year. For example, a tax preparer might spend nights at the office during March and April. However, if your partner does not have a job like this and his or her life starts to get irregularly “busy,” he or she could be off with another person.

Leaving home without prior notice might indicate an impromptu rendezvous. Coming home late from work each day might indicate more and more hookups. Canceling plans with you could be a sign that your partner is experiencing guilt and can’t spend time with you without feeling awful, as well as a sign that other plans have been made without you.

  1. Affection Starts to Diminish

Every relationship has its ups and downs, so you shouldn’t automatically assume there’s an affair going on when your partner keeps some emotional distance. If that distance lasts for an irregular amount of time, or if your partner seems to withdraw more and more, you may be dealing with a cheater.

Perhaps “I love you” is no longer heard when you’re together. Maybe he or she pulls away when you go in for a kiss. You could notice a lack of interest when you begin to cuddle. Hand holding might be a thing of the past. These signs of diminishing affection could mean a lot of things in a relationship – cheating being one of them.

  1. Your Social Life Begins to Shift

Does your partner suggest you hang out with your own friends? Did the group of friends you used to hang out with together stop coming around? Does your partner insist that you not meet his or her new work friends or golfing buddies? Although this person is lying to you about an affair, their friends might know and your partner is worried they’ll spill the beans. He or she wants you to have your own group of friends so there’s more time to cheat or talk about cheating with those who know about the affair.

Another aspect of your social life that could begin to shift is how much the two of you go out together. Your partner might get worried about running into the secret lover. He or she might get worried about running into the secret lover’s friends or family members. Instead, your partner might more frequently suggest a quiet, non-romantic evening at home.

  1. Keeping Up Appearances Has Become Important Again

Remember the days when you first met and you both did your best to look your best? He or she always had well-groomed hair and ironed clothes. His or her hairstyle was always fashionable and clothing options were well thought out. Like many things in a relationship, those fresh appearance habits may have begun to diminish and become ignored over time.

Your partner may suddenly begin to improve appearances when he or she is heading out with friends. While old jeans and a t-shirt may have been just fine in the past, you could notice nicer clothes being worn when your partner is going out for the night. Perhaps your significant other has improved his or her grooming standards and is again getting all cleaned up like he or she used to when you first met and were in love. Why? There’s a new love interest in town and your partner is dressed to impress.

You Deserve More

All these signs together may or may not mean your significant other is cheating. If you have noticed these signs and feel you are being cheated on, hire a private investigator to find out the truth. If your significant other is cheating, Beau Dietl & Associates will find out and help you collect any damages you are due. Contact us today to get the answers you deserve.