Bo Dietl Offers Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Secure

The importance of keeping mobile devices, especially smartphones, secure has been steadily increasing within the past decade. As technology continues to prosper, so do the dangers of hacking and identity theft. Smartphones have become more personal than desktop computers and other devices, hence the need for more security.

Fortunately, keeping your smartphone secure is fairly simple.

  1. Always lock your smartphone with a passcode

As simple and basic as it seems, locking your smartphone can save you a world of trouble if your phone ever gets into the wrong hands. New features like touch ID have made it even easier to keep unwanted people out of your mobile device. Without some sort of passcode, your personal information and data on a smartphone is very easily accessible.

  1. Do not jailbreak your phone

In this case, jailbreaking can be defined as unlocking your phone to gain access to apps and other downloads that are not offered by the app store your phone’s software is affiliated with. Jailbreaking will break open the floodgates of malware to your smartphone. Do not download apps from anywhere but your app store.

  1. Download an antivirus and wipe software

Although most users do not want to bother with certain types of protection software, they can be extremely helpful in securing your smartphone. Antivirus software can detect and remove any harmful applications or programs that have gotten onto your device. Wipe software enable the user to remove or “wipe” all sensitive data from the phone remotely.