Employment ScreeningAre you an employee going through the hiring process with a potential employer? Are you an employer who wants to understand what goes into employment screening? Bo Dietl explains what employment screening is and the information that is sought out during the check:

What is employment screening?

Employment screening is defined as the process in which employers seek the verification of background history and information given by a potential or current employee.

What type of information is found during employment screening?

Any information contributed to an employer by an employee can potentially be verified during a screening. Address history, eviction reports, driving records, employment or education verification, criminal background check, and even financial history are all types of information that can be redeemed from an employment screening.

Why is employment screening important?

The screening will supply information for an employer to distinguish whether or not an employee is a match for their company based on a person’s past records. It’s important for employers to utilize employment screens to find out who they’re trusting with their business, whether they’re performing tasks on a financial or personal level.

Employment screenings are important for security purposes as well as for employee character assessment. If you are looking to perform an employment screening with a potential or current employee, contact Beau Dietl & Associates today.