Child abduction is a scary reality in the world today, and it is important to equip your children with the knowledge to avoid and escape this scary situation. There are far too many horror stories related to kidnappings – don’t let the next one revolve around your child.

  1. The Velcro Technique. Tell your child to grab onto anything that they can grasp and wrap their arms around it tightly. Whether it be a telephone pole, tree, or another person, this can buy you time and grab the attention of an outsider who can assist and prevent the situation.

  2. Windmill Technique. If your child begins rotating his or her arms in big circles, it makes it harder for an abductor to get a good grip. This can also cause the kidnappers arms to be turned inside out, which is a weaker position that will make it easier for your child to escape their clutch.

  3. Make noise. Have your child do anything they can to get noticed. Give them a whistle to wear around their neck in case of danger, or tell them to just be loud by screaming or banging on anything they can get their hands on. The commotion may scare the abductor and cause them to flee the scene in fear of being noticed.

  4. Have an escape plan. God forbid abduction does occur, it is important that your child knows how to get out of this situation. Having a plan can reduce panic and ensure that your child is acting with a clearer mind. Children should be aggressive in their attempt to jump out of a vehicle, so make sure they don’t hesitate at any opportunity. If confined to the trunk, look for the panel that can be removed that leads to the taillight and brake wires and tear them, increasing the driver’s chances of being noticed and pulled over. Kicking out the taillights and waving a hand is also a surefire way to be noticed by other drivers.