When traveling abroad, you are slightly more likely to be subject to fraudulent acts. Here are a few tips on how to protect your identity, which will keep your mind at ease during what should be a relaxing getaway to a foreign land.

  1. Avoid social media. You can certainly maintain your presence on social media, but posting that you will be away or out of the country makes you immediately more subject to theft. Holding off on posting vacation pictures until you get home is the best way to ensure your security.
  2. Protect your passport. Many passports are equipped with RFID chips, making them easy to scan by hackers from afar. Protective cases to block outside readers are easy to obtain and are the best way to assure constant protection.
  3. Call your credit card companies. Call your credit card companies to inform them that you will be traveling so that your purchases abroad are not flagged. However, you should notify them of your anticipated spending patterns so that anything suspicious can be ran by you as soon as possible.
  4. Hold on tight. Keeping anything that contains your information on your person at all times when traveling abroad is an absolute must. Avoid sticking things in places that are out of eyesight, like pockets and backpacks. Keep your purse hanging towards the front of your body or use your front pockets. That way, you won’t miss it if someone tries to swipe your stuff.
  5. Be aware. Take a look at your accounts regularly to make sure each and every purchase was made by you, and don’t overlook any sum of money. Criminals typically start by charging a few cents to see if they can get away with it without the transaction being flagged before they go for the big purchases. Awareness is your greatest ally in protecting yourself when traveling abroad.