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Corporate spying is a serious concern for many organizations. Businesses rely on their proprietary information to help them maintain their competitive edge. This is truer than ever in the modern, fast-moving economy.

The Risks of Corporate Espionage

The cost of a successful spying operation can be immense if a competitor can exploit your trade secrets. In the best-case scenario, this can significantly harm your plans for the future. In the worst-case scenario, it could spell the end of your business.

Part of the problem is that surveillance is more accessible than ever. People can buy relatively advanced devices inexpensively through the internet. These wireless devices can be placed discretely in a facility to record whatever is happening. Cleaning staff and employees are often bribed to place a device, collect documents from the trash or gather useful information.

Company executives are known figures who can become easy targets. An executive’s car parked by a valet is a very vulnerable point of attack. The same issue could arise with a hired car service. Similarly, having an outside technician work on phone systems could be another way a competitor may spy on your top-level staff. In short, there are many exploitable vulnerabilities for a determined attacker.

Taking preventative measures and countering the espionage is essential to guaranteeing your lasting success. A private investigator from Beau Dietl & Associates can help you with preparing your business to protect against those that would steal your proprietary secrets.

Effective Counter-Spying Measures

When you hire a private investigator to help with counter surveillance, the process begins with a consultation and analysis. Frequently, C-suite offices, assistant’s offices, meeting rooms and other areas where private conversations may occur are the most likely places for espionage. Fully protecting an entire building is not always practical. Protecting a few key locations is often the best strategy.

Technical surveillance countermeasures can help you to protect your business against spying equipment. While no solution is perfect, every step you can take to avoid espionage is one step closer to protection. These are some of the TSCMs that we apply:

  • Static white noise to prevent listening devices from getting a clear recording of audio
  • Window coatings to disrupt laser frequencies that may be connecting to interior devices
  • Sweeping for radio frequencies using a full-spectrum analysis
  • Analyzing the infrared spectrum for signals
  • Computer forensics to identify any inappropriate or insecure communication
  • Searching electrical systems for transmitting devices
  • Checking phone systems for “bugs”
  • Physically searching the premises for any surveillance equipment
  • Audit of document handling system to check for vulnerabilities

By carefully checking for surveillance devices and working to protect key areas against electronic surveillance, we can help ensure the safety of your trade secrets. However, no amount of sweeping and blocking can be effective without the right counter surveillance strategy.

Planning an Effective Strategy

As mentioned above, surveillance is getting more accessible. Someone may be listening in at any moment. Ensuring that conversations involving your key staff are always protected is impossible. Therefore, it is essential to have a strategy that involves limiting sensitive topics to protected areas like secure meetings rooms and top-level offices. By focusing our efforts on a subset of your space, we can ensure that those hot spots receive the most attention for sweeping and countermeasures.

On the road, you may need to hold meetings in hotel suites or meeting rooms. Again, these should be identified ahead of time, swept and then guarded. This may seem excessive, however, it is an obvious way to listen in on a sensitive conversation. Consider the ramifications of your trade secrets being stolen. It is often worth the extra effort and investment to protect your intellectual property.

Reasons To Hire a Private Investigator

Corporate espionage is a dangerous problem for many businesses. If you have secrets that you need to protect, you need a complete and thought-out plan for preventing and detecting espionage.

Private investigators are highly knowledgeable about surveillance because we often use it when investigating issues for our clients. That insight and first-hand experience are invaluable for planning a winning strategy to beat spying.

Furthermore, the team at Beau Dietl & Associates has years of experience defeating espionage in the business world. That can make all the difference in the world for protecting your business’s secrets.

Countering the surveillance efforts of competitors and others with malicious intent is an ongoing process. Starting immediately will help you to get ahead of the problem. It is better to start applying countermeasures and anti-surveillance strategies before you suspect spying. A little preventative work is worth a lot down the road.