Bo Dietl lists 15 reasons as to why you might hire a private investigator for personal or business matters.

Asset Searches & Recovery: If you’ve lost something or something is being hidden from you.

Background Checks: A process of researching and compiling personal and public information, records, and documents. This could be done for various reasons, such as employment, criminal, romance, etc.

Brand Protection: Providing security for brands if they may be threatened, compromised, or in need of general protection.

Corporate Compliance: Ensuring employees and employers abide by corporate policies, laws, and regulations.

Criminal Investigations: A series of steps and processes designated to seek out whether or not a crime has been committed and who the criminal was.

Due Diligence Cases: Due diligence refers to an investigation of a person or a business in regards to legal requirements.

Employment & Tenant Screening: Screens potential employees or tenants in order to qualify whether or not their statements or documents are accurate and true.

Financial Services: Providing services to support clients with anything related to finances.

Forensic Document Examination: Analyzes various documents for authenticity of information and signatures.

Litigation Support: Support for matters within the legal and judicial systems.

Locating People: If someone is missing, you need to deliver a subpoena, someone owes you money, or you are looking for something that somebody has possession of.

Security Services: Guard services for domestic or professional reasons or special events.

Surveillance: Spousal/relationship, child support, insurance, disability, abuse, etc.

Theft & Fraud Cases: Entails multiple types of theft and fraud, such as identity, property, investment, and financial.

Threat & Risk Assessment: Measure the level of threat or risk involved with any property including vandalism, robbery, burglary, or employee theft.