Cybersecurity was really brought into the spotlight in 2015, and will continue to be an issue for 2016. However, now we are more educated and knowledgeable about what we can do to protect ourselves and our companies from cyberattacks and hackers. Here are some steps to take in order to strengthen your company’s cybersecurity strategies for the upcoming year.

Accept the inevitable

Chances are your security will be compromised on some level, so the best you can do is plan for it. Take the time, effort, and money to build an effective cybersecurity practice, one that has the ability to detect and quickly respond to certain breaches or incidents that are basically inevitable.

 Assess the risk

Cyberattacks can cause a severe disruption of business for companies. It is important to assess what your business has that hackers want. Knowing what assets and information your company holds that criminals value, is an important step in creating a specific cybersecurity strategy. It will help your company identify ways to reduce certain risks.

Build a layered approach to cybersecurity

Adopting a layered approach to cybersecurity provides the best possible coverage in the battle against cyber crime. For example, use both strong firewalls on all devices as well as software that deals exclusively with monitoring inside the network. In other words, cover all your bases. Cyber threats can be buried very deep in vast data volumes, you don’t want anything to slip through the cracks.

Educate employees

 It is crucial to educate all of your employees about cyber risks and the company’s cybersecurity strategy. Some people today still aren’t aware that cyberattacks are a serious issue and can happen to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Therefore, it’s important to educate your employees and make sure they implement cybersecurity measures on all devices used for the business.