Avoid Paypal Scam

PayPal scams can be devastating for those who are on the receiving end. Millions of dollars are wasted on cases such as these, and it can be troubling, to say the least. What can a person do when it comes to taking preventative action?

Is it possible to avoid these scams?

Yes, it is possible as long as the following tips are being utilized by those who are using their PayPal accounts. You don’t have to become a victim as long as you are prepared.

1. Purchase Big Ticket Items From Reputable Sellers

If you are thinking about getting a new computer, you should avoid going to a seller on Craigslist. You should instead be thinking about the big box retailers or an option such as Amazon. You don’t want to go with those who are not going to give you the guarantees that are needed when spending a lot of money.

If you go with a company such as Best Buy, you will know the transaction is safe and reputable. You will also know the product itself is going to be okay. When you buy from a single seller, you should not be going after the big ticket purchases.

It is also important to note, deals that are too good to be true are indeed false most of the times.

2. Avoid 20+ Day Delivery Dates

Is the seller telling you the product will arrive in 20+ days? This is a clear sign they might not be a good seller. You want to either find additional means to verify their authenticity or avoid them entirely. Those who claim to have large shipping times are the ones who end up scamming people.

They are just looking to prolong things, so the money enters their account.

3. Avoid Email Attachments

If you are thinking about an item that has come up in an email, you might have to forget about it. Those who are selling through attachments might be looking to obtain your PayPal information and use it later on for nefarious purposes.

You want to be very careful with those email attachments. It is smarter to avoid opening them at all let alone buying from those attachments. These are three tips that anyone can employ when it comes to using PayPal. Even sellers have to be careful about who they are sending products to. You want to be sure they have a verified PayPal account before you go ahead and ship the product.