Private investigator work is a far cry from what you watch and read about in fiction. If you’ve ever considered hiring one, you may have found yourself wondering: what can a private investigator do and not do? Can he or she help me with this specific problem? Read on to learn a little more about the services private investigators offer and how they may be able to help you.

Services Offered by Private Investigators

Frequently, private investigators are hired to gather more information about a possible business transaction. These are a few of the ways P.I.s help businesspeople do their due diligence:

  • Background Checks: Thinking about hiring someone or working with a new partner? A background check can help you verify any claims and check for any important additional information.
  • Investment Verification: If you have an investment opportunity that you want to verify the legitimacy of, a private investigator can help. This can be a valuable tool to double-check the veracity of any claims being made about the opportunity.
  • Worker’s Compensation Claims: If you have any suspicions about a worker’s compensation claim, a private investigator can help you gather information. False claims happen and a P.I. can help you uncover them.

Private investigators also help with personal issues such as confirming suspicions about an unfaithful significant other. Some people hire private investigators to help with security consultations. Since P.I.s have a lot of on-the-ground experience with legal and safety matters, they can help you better plan your home or business’ security.

In some cases, private investigators help the police in criminal matters. They can also search for missing persons. Legal teams sometimes hire private investigators to help them with uncovering important information for their cases.

Private Investigators and the Law

Private investigators work within the confines of the law. Despite the sometimes-uncouth behavior of fictional P.I.s, real ones will only do what they are legally allowed to do. So, that raises the question: what can a private investigator do legally?

Some of the specifics of what a private investigator can do legally depend on the state. However, no matter where you are, they can perform surveillance in public spaces, use public records to perform background checks and talk to people. If they are involved in a criminal matter, they can interview witnesses and may have access to law enforcement resources.

A private investigator will only access private property that he or she has permission to access. For example, if you want someone to check your home or business to check for surveillance equipment, a P.I. can do that. Conversely, if you want someone to break into someone else’s home or business to conduct surveillance, a private investigator cannot legally do that.

When a Private Investigator Can Help

When you need more information, a private investigator is a good option. Even working within the confines of the law, investigators can help you unearth the answers to your due diligence and other concerns. While it may seem that you can go a lot of what a P.I. can legally do, their ability to find information and piece it together is an immensely valuable asset.

Sometimes this is a critical ability that can dramatically change lives. For example, if you are looking for a missing person, a private investigator can make a huge difference. Other times, you simply need an experienced eye to double-check things for you. In either case, it is helpful and reassuring to have a professional in your corner.

While private investigators may work on similar issues and even collaborate with law enforcement, they do not have the same authority. They will not break the law. Nonetheless, if you need help with gathering information, background checks, finding out if a partner is cheating or other similar issues, private investigators can be a valuable resource.

Find a Private Investigator

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If you need help with private investigations, you can trust Beau Dietl and our over 30 years of experience. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with all your investigative needs.

What Can A Private Investigator Do And Not Do?
Article Name
What Can A Private Investigator Do And Not Do?
Private investigators are nothing like what you see in movies and TV shows. Most of their work consists in performing background checks. Private investigators can help you with a wide range of situations, but it is important to understand what they can and can't do. What Can Private Investigators Help You With? Private investigators can help perform background checks for new employees or business partners. They can check if an investment is a legitimate opportunity and are often hired to help with worker's compensation claims if there is a suspicion of a false claim. Private investigators can also help discover if a partner is cheating or assist police during criminal investigations. Their expertise is sometimes needed to choose a security system for a home or place of business. Looking for missing people is another thing private investigators can help you with. What Can Private Investigators Legally Do? Regardless of why you hire a private investigator, this person will not break any laws. They can perform surveillance in public spaces, talk to witnesses if they are investigating a criminal matter and use public records to do background searches. The private investigator you hire will be able to look for surveillance equipment in your home or place of business since you will grant them permission to access your home or business. However, a private investigator won't break into a home or business to conduct surveillance. Should You Hire A Private Investigator? Hiring a private investigator is a good option in a lot of situations. Their ability to instantly access public records means you might be able to locate a missing person or find out more about the background of a new employee or business partner. Their ability to put clues together and to investigate allows them to find out if a partner is cheating or if an insurance claim is made under false pretenses. If you need help with something that involves breaking laws, such as conducting surveillance on private property, you won't find private investigators who are willing to help you. Private investigators work on many different types of cases but do not have the same authority as law enforcement and cannot break any laws while helping clients. If you need help with a background check, want to find out if your partner is cheating or need a private investigator for another reason, contact a professional in your area to find out exactly what they can do to help you.
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